How to measure breast size

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Want to impress your woman? Have you ever wondererd how do women measure their breast size? Believe it or not, there’s actually a formula for it! I’ll explain. The number as in 38DD is the measurement in inches around the ribcage + 5 inches. If that number is an odd number, then you round up the the nearest even number. So let’s say you measure 32 inches around the ribcage, you add 5, so you get 37 inches and since it’s an odd number, you round up to 38. That’s the measurement value, 38. But wait, we’re not done.

Once you have the measurement value, then you need to find the cup size. So you measure all around your girl’s entire breast and around her back and subtract the previous number you got. So lets say her measurement including her breasts is 44, you subtract 38 (your measurement around her ribcage) and you get 6. Then you check out this chart to determine her cup size.

0 – ½ AA
½ – 1 A
1 – 2 ½ B
2 ½ – 3 ½ C
3 ½ – 4 ½ D
4 ½ – 6 DD
6 – 7 DDD

So with the difference being 6, her cup size is DD-DDD! Damn, your girl has some big tits!… lol. Now go measure your girl and impress her with your knowledge. Maybe she’ll even get frisky with your hands all over her and you’ll get laid. Then afterwards you can thank!

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