Naughty Allie

3/26/2005 · 2 comments

Nothing pisses me off more than getting woken up for no good reason (or any reason). This morning I heard someone pounding on my door, I thought it was a friend or something, so I open the door and it’s this pretty hot chick. I felt kind of embarrassed with bedhead going all over the place, my stubble that would make homeless guys look shaven and I didn’t even know if my zipper was up. I thought maybe she was a neighbor or something, then she pulls out some pamphlets from her purse and starts talking about Jehovah Witness’ stuff…I should have known that a hot chick wouldn’t be here for any other reason.

So, just for Mrs. Jehovah waking me up from a good sleep, I’m posting the naughtiest chick I can find today, Naughty Allie! Allie is this hot blonde with a nice set of 36D tits. But Allie isn’t just your standard big tit amateur. Allie and her husband are big time swingers and she loves to fuck! They don’t call her Naughty Allie for nothing. She loves sucking on cock, getting plowed, eating chicks out and they’re famous for their full blown hardcore orgies! If you’ve never seen a nympho fuck, check out Naughty Allie’s site. She’s blow you away for sure!

Watch Naughty Allie get hardcore!


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