Yoko Matsugane

I’ve died and gone to big tit heaven! This is Yoko Matsugane, one of the hottest busty asians I’ve ever come across! Her tits are 100% natural and they’re fucking amazing! Yoko is a very popular Japanese Idol and with tits like she has, I bet she has men drooling over her where ever she goes. I know I would be. About two years ago I dated this really cute asian girl, Tami, she was only 5’3″, but had a pair of tits like Yoko’s, they were bigger than her head! They were like 40DDD! We had the most incredible sex and I never got tired of playing with her tits! It didn’t matter what time of day, what we were doing, I would always find a way to put my hands all over her tits and she loved it! It sucked that we weren’t able to keep it together, and let me tell you, looking at Yoko brings back all those memories of Tami and her big asian tits!

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