Boob Exam Scam

I remember a girlfriend once went to this gynecologist and she actually looked forward to it because she thought he was hot. I told her she was sick in the head, but she said she actually got a little turned on when he did his thing. I knew this was probably true, because she was really sensitive in that area. Even though it was an exam, a touch is a touch. You can’t help it. I know if some hot nurse were to grab my dick I’d get a boner. Anyway, this site Boob Exam Scam, has these guys act like they’re doctors and give boob exams, except they keep feeling the girls up until the girls respond back by fucking the doctors! In these movie samples, this busty girl gets tag-teamed by two doctors. I never knew you check a woman for lumps by sticking a cock in her ass? I learn something new everyday.


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