Midwest Mandy

Well, my short summer vacation is over already. Today is my first day of Summer School. Damn, that month flew by. Anyway, today’s update Mandy from MidwestMandy.com looks exactly like this college girl that lives down the street from me. I see this girl every once in a while, but lately I’ve seen her jogging. She has some really big tits and even though she wears a sports bra, those things are bouncing up and down like crazy. She must get stares her entire jog. You can’t tell from the pictures, but Mandy is actually really tall, like 5’11”-6″0″, just like my neighbor, and Mandy’s tits are 34DD! Yes, they’re jumbo! Mandy recently started doing hardcore and they’ve got some hot hardcore video of her getting fucked by some dude on her site. You guys will love that, check this busty babe out!


See more of Midwest Mandy’s big tits!

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