Pamela Anderson Roast

8/15/2005 · 2 comments

Did you guys catch the Pamela Anderson roast on Comedy Central last night? If you did, I’m sure you laughed your ass off, if you didn’t you missed a damn funny roast. It was basically a free for all, say what you want, no one is safe, show – it was great. Not only was Pam wearing a see through shirt that showed her nipples, the comedians just ripped Pam on everything from her big vagina (i.e. due to Tommy Lee), fucking on washed up rockers, writing two “novels” and just about everything else they could think of. Part of the fun was that they also ripped on everyone that was going to speak. So the biggest target was Courtney Love. I’ll admit, she looks like shit. I thought she was going to just drop dead from all the abuse. She says she’s been clean for a year, Jimmy Kimmel said “I hope you’re on drugs, because if you’re not, you’ve got problems.” I’m sure they’ll replay the hell out of it, so if you didn’t catch it, check your listings, it was some good stuff!

pamela anderson comedy central roast


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