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VIP Pool Party Pics


I have this dream, where one day, I’ll sell a huge internet company for millions, then build an enormous home with a huge tropical pool where girls will hangout and be naked 24/7. The only difference it would be from the Playboy Mansion is I’m 60 years younger than Hef, plus I wouldn’t let Pauly Shore hang out either. I would slick back my hair and wear a leather jacket and when I snapped my fingers, the girls would just jump on top of me. Now, the only thing I need is an internet company. Until then, I can see my reality at In The Vip, hot girls partying Girls Gone Wild style (which is basically, show me your tits and I’ll give you a $3 dollar hat). Check out this pool scene where there’s about 15 killer girls waiting for some guy that has all the money.

Watch the hottest girls that love to party!

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