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Busty Asians are somewhat of a rarity it seems. Of course there’s always an exception, but when we speak generally, it could be somewhat true. I think when we do see a huge breasted Asian woman, we’re just in awe. This Japanese idol Hitomi Tanaka, is a total God send. Not only is she abslutely stunning, her body is slim and her breasts are just massive. Although, I didn’t exactly find a bio on Hitomi, I do know she’s 21 years old and her breast size has to be somewhere in the middle of the alphabet. Her tits are just massively heavy.

One thing I love about Asian porn is that everything is not so much focused on fucking. For example, the big tit sites I’ve seen, the guys actually play with the tits, rather than just sucking on them for a bit and moving on. They oil, massage and fondle them. That’s what I like to see. Check out these clips of Hitomi having her huge tits oiled up under her bikini and having them rubbed all over.

Japanese huge tits

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