Sara Stone Returns

Over the years of posting hundreds upon hundreds of models, there’s a few in there that really stand out as my favorites. Sara Stone was always one of them. It’s been almost two years since I made this post, about Sara retiring. Well, as luck would have you, I received in my email, a link to the newest movie featuring none other than Sara Stone herself. Yes, she’s back! My Sister’s Hot Friend shot the latest scene of this 34DD babe. After checking Sara out in the scene and seeing something out of the ordinary, a c-section, I realized why she so abruptly left the industry – she had a baby! With that, her boobs do look a tad larger, with all that milk filling them up. Her scene is as great as ever, with Sara making sure her tits are nice and bouncy, something she’s always been good at showing off. I guess she knows we like ’em big and jiggling. Welcome back Sara!

Check out Sara Stone’s comeback flick from My Sister’s Hot Friend