Ashley Sage Ellison

Scoreland has a knack for discovering busty women, but sometimes, popular big tit models just like to pose for them. Not only do they have their website, but Score Land still publishes big tit magazines, which is how they started. Their latest, isn’t exactly new. You know her from Dreams of Ashley site, but now we have a name other than “dreamy,” Ashley Sage Ellison. Although, I’m not sure if that indeed is her real name, does it matter? lol. Her personal site lists her breast size as 36J, but I think they’re much larger. Not in any disrespect, but I think Ashely is gaining a few pounds. Personally, I like a little meat, and it looks like a lot of meat is going to Ashley’s boobs. They look much larger than before, so I question the J cup and am convinced they’re much larger. In any case, her boobs are fucking huge lol, so take a look.

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