Charlie Green Boob Study

You may have heard about this story about a recent case study from a major medical journal stated that showed starring at boobs increased circulation and was good for men’s health and could extend years. Well, if you didn’t read it, you weren’t missing anything, because apparently no such study exists. However, from my own observation, I believe this theory entirely. I know when I see a large pair of tits, my circulation increases 6 fold and usually that’s in inches. Although, I’m not sure the the scientific study of breasts, or that even one exists, the folks over at Boob Study seemed to have gotten their site down to a science. Very beautiful, mostly European women, adorn the site. One of their most recent is Charlie Green, a lovely 34H cup beauty, with large areolas and enough boobage to firmly grab a handful with much leftover.

Charley Green

Charley Green

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