If you’re on Facebook, or maybe you just heard in the news, there’s a “movement” going on called Boobquake. It basically started with some women that were upset with an Iranian cleric, who said that scantly clad women caused earthquakes. So, in protest, they have joined to band together to show more cleavage, and certainly most guys won’t have any opposition to that.

There’s few women out there with breasts that might show up on the richter scale, one of them being Rachel Aldana. Her all natural 32JJ cup tits were big enough to crown her “U.K.’s Biggest Boobs” a few years ago and I don’t think she’s lost her title since. It’s amazing that natural boobs can be this large on a midsize frame, but indeed, she’s the real deal. Certainly, you know you have some absolutely large tits when you’re laying down and they still appear huge. I don’t think anyone is denying the size of these breasts, mostly the thought is awe.

Rachel Aldana

Rachel Aldana

Check out more pics and movies of this 32JJ big boob wonder!

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