Eden Mor

Eden Mor’s 34HH boobs certainly belong here at this site, but of the years that I’ve known about her, I’ve only shared her once? That’s an epic fail for sure. This naturally busted woman has actually lost some weight over the years. She went from being pleasantly plump to a more trim, fit look. I would imagine her breast size did go down a bit, but as you can see, they’re freakin’ double H’s. What I also enjoy about her big tits is her extremely large areolas. I’m in love with big areolas, and Eden’s are huge, covering a large portion of her 34HH boobs. Take a look at the new, trim, but still busty Eden Mor!

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3 thoughts on “Eden Mor

  1. Nick Post author

    Eden Mor is so hot, her big tits and large areolas are such a turn on.

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