Wendy Combattente’s New Official Site Wendy4

It finally happened! Wendy Combattente has launched her official site at Wendy4.com! I can’t even begin to tell you how excite I am about this site. I have been in love with Wendy ever since her myspace photos were circulating the net years and years ago. Then, Sports by Brooks, did her first professional shots and I was in heaven. Now, this! One thing that I’ve always wonder was “How big are Wendy’s tits?” Obviously, they’re huge, but I like to know sizes. Well, she’s officially listed at a 32J cup! She’s of Italian and Polish decent, born in Chicago and now living in Southern California. Her site will be updated 3 times a week, with hi res pics, HD videos and tons of just everyday candid shots too. I seriously cannot wait to see more and more of her. There’s no way in hell you can ever get sick of looking this slim, beautiful babe and her huge tits. Check out her new site now at Wendy4!

Wendy Combattente pics Wendy4 pics Wendy4 pics

Check out these hot pics and movies of Wendy Comattente
and her 32J cups @ her new official site Wendy4!

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