Holly’s H Cups

7/3/2010 · 0 comments

A true testament to big tits is what I call the laying down effect. When a woman lays flat on her back, and her breasts are still prodding out and they’re still quite noticeably large, that’s usually a really good indication that they’re really big breasts. For example, 18 year old H Cup Holly, with 34H cups, laying down, she’s certainly still got a heavy handful. Of course she does, she has H cups. You wouldn’t miss her two bumps for quite some distance. In fact, a woman laying down with big breasts is one of my favorite poses, I’m happy to see Holly posing all around. Her tits are truly massive, especially for an 18 year old, and thank God, she’s more than happy to show them off. Take a look at the latest from this big boob UK teen.

H Cup Holly

H Cup Holly Movie

Click here to see more of this busty 18 year old Holly!

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