Dors Feline Masturbation

7/30/2010 · 0 comments

I tell you, each update that Dors Feline does, gets one step closer to doing full on hardcore. It seems that in 2010 there’s a lot of models going hardcore. Well, when they reach a certain status, their fans just want to see them go all the way. In Dors’ latest update, she uses a big vibrator on herself, and you can totally picture what it’s like to see a big cock jiggling between her lovely 34K cup big tits. When she bounces around, they jiggle like crazy, I can only imagine when she’s really having sex how they must bounce. I think we’re going to see it soon, but in the meantime, take a look at her latest, in which she totally gets off playing with herself.

Dors Feline

Watch big titted Dors play with her swollen pussy!

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