Wendy Combattente Doing Chest Exercises

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I’m not sure if Wendy Combattente is doing chest exercices to firm up or to get a little more definition in her cleavage? If I was a 32J cup like Wendy, and if I was a girl, I would just leave my tits the hell alone. No sense in doing anything that might change that. God forbid she’d get a little more muscle there and lose her cup size. In any case, if I’d want to see a busty woman doing any exercise, yes, it would be the butterfly. Wendy puts on not one sports bra, but two(!) to hold down her massive boobs while working out. Wearing on top of it all is a tank top that’s probably two sizes too small, and her big tits are just completely spilling out of it lol. I’ll tell you though, with her arms spread apart like this and her chest popping out, it’s a sight you won’t forget. Here’s the latest from Wendy4.

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See more of Wendy’s monster tits at her official site Wendy4!

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