Anorei Collins 40NN

Anorei Collins is a 40NN cup? Now, you might be saying, “You got her cup size wrong dude.” Just look at all your old posts, you list her breast size as a 40LL…” And I’d say, “You’re right, I did list her cup size previously as 40LL, but guess what? Anorei Collins is pregnant and her tits are fucking growing!” Can you believe that? Anorei has some of the largest, natural tits on the planet and now they’re going to get even bigger! What’s great is Anorei also opened up her own site at, where she’s completely active, just her a photographer, so she’s very involved. She has a ton of content, and it’s solely her, so you can never get tired of these enormous big tits. Some of the cool features she has is – 24/7 voyeur cam on Anorei’s bed (which btw, will expand into multiple cams in her bedrooms and shower cam in 2011, not to mention, maybe you’ll catch some prego-sex!), also two, 1-hour cam shows each week, and tons of pics and HD video are added. Anorei has done a great job giving members exactly what we want! Trust me, you’ve never seen tits this big, have you? Take a look at 40NN cups (soon to be bigger too)!!!


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