September Carrino Now A JJ Cup

Now to be honest, I have no idea what happened to September Carrino’s tits, if she’s pregnant, had them pumped full of silicone or what, but they’re fucking huge now! They was already sporting double H cups before and now they’re a double J, as in JJ cup! She claims they’re all natural and that they’re just growing and they very well could be, but given that she hasn’t gained much weight elsewhere, my eyes are a little squinted in wonder. Whatever the case, they look UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE! They actually look extremely natural, especially when she’s playing with them, rubbing them and bouncing them all over. The verdict is out though, what do you guys think? Check out September’s new massive tits courtesy of her official site September Carrino!

See more of September’s huge, new 34JJ cup tits here!

3 thoughts on “September Carrino Now A JJ Cup

  1. steve-OH

    It is more likely she is taking hormones than having had a boob job. Even the best boob jobs in some fashion always reveal bag lines or ripples in the implant bag. I know from experience with a woman with whom I worked that certain hormones common in birth control pills will cause significant increase in breast size without adding to weight gain in other areas of the body. Her videos and pics especially showing when she squeezes them are evidence of no surgery and no tell tale signs of bags/implants. If eventually it is learned she has added implants women who want these should rush to that doc cuz I cannot see any sign on implantation.

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