Natasha Nice is Machine Fucked

3/9/2011 · 0 comments

Natasha Nice takes matters into her own hands, rather into the hands of one of the super masturbating devices from Fucking Machines. They must employ some of the best fabricators around, because the contraptions they come up with are amazing. They’ve taken the sybian to the next level, although it certainly has it’s place, and customize the hell out of these machines, specific for each scene they do. Natasha certainly seems to enjoy what they’ve come up with for her, and with the help of a hitachi, and the machine itself, she has a hip convulsing orgasm! Be sure to catch the end where they attached goat suckers to her tits in an attempt to squeeze out any milk! Just fyi.

natasha nice fucking machines

Watch this machine destroy Natasha Nice (in a good way)!!

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