Shione Cooper and Lana Ivans

3/14/2011 · 0 comments

When busty babes get together, the inevitable always happens. Shione Cooper and Lana Ivans, two big tit babes that have been all over the place lately, come together for some hot busty lesbian action! One of the hottest things is when women get into breast feeding. I don’t mean that they’re offering their breasts to be fed upon, I mean when they’re the ones suckling. Lana can’t stop playing with Shione’s big 34F cups, and she begins sucking on her nipples non-stop. Now, I’ve read that even when women aren’t pregnant, that it is possible to still lactate, but you have to know what you’re doing. With the right stimulation, mental attitude, you can suck on any woman’s breasts and get that sweet milk. Shione is completely turned on while Lana continues to lick all around her breasts, and wants a turn for herself. While laying down, Lana dangles a tit over Shione’s mouth, while she pleasures her pussy by sliding her fingers in and out.

shione cooper and lana ivans

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