Sensual Jane Rides the Pole

3/22/2011 · 0 comments

For the world travelers out there, there’s a site called Couch Surfers that allows you to connect with people from all over the world that are willing to take people in and let them crash on their couches for a day or two. It’s a pretty innovative way to travel all over the world and rarely, if ever, have to get a hotel room. Thinking ahead, Mike from Mike’s Apartment, decided that he would take in couples for a short stay in exchange for watching them have sex. He was amazed when 36DD babe, Sensual Jane, came in with her man, and agreed to the terms. Watching her boyfriend play with her big tits was hot enough, but when she pulled down his pants and gave him a deep, long blowjob, Mike was sure Jane’s boyfriend was going to finish. Sensual Jane wasn’t going to let that happen without getting hers, so she stripped down and got right on his pole and began riding him hard. With her boobs flapping and her head rolling back, she rode him into the sunset. After a little break, she decides to flip on her back as her man spreads her legs wide and slides his cock in deep! Mike certainly got his money’s worth with this couple!

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