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The Real September Carrino

To absolutely, unequivocally, end all doubt that September Carrino’s “new” 34JJ boobs were photoshopped, she’s released a few new videos that end the rumor in it’s tracks. You could say it’s utter proof! 😉 Unless, she’s working with some Hollywood special effects house, her latest videos show her playing, measuring and even sucking on her humongous tits. Now, if you’re used to the pinup, glam shots, you might especially enjoy this, because September has no makeup, no special lighting or touch ups. This is real, raw footage of September shooting in her bedroom. Although her breast size is certainly impressive, but I couldn’t believe when she areolas (3 inches) and her nipples, a whopping 1 inch across! Just measure out an inch with your fingers, that’s how large her nipples are! Yummy! Watch this babe in a more amateur setting with her latest videos exclusively at September Carrino.com!

Check out all of September Carrino’s pics and movies here!

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  • lisa suzanne 3/27/2011, 8:02 am

    So glad someone woke up..
    As your get older, your breasts do get larger- and September certainly would not
    pretend to gain inches. Amazing breasts indeed!!! Most incredible nipples of anyone

    Seattle Shemale admirer– kisses xoxo

  • Nick 3/27/2011, 10:52 am

    Agree, absolutely incredible nipples. I am in love with her large areolas too! She’s just amazing.

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