Sophia Lomeli Boobs N’ Basketballs

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Sophia Lomeli must have been into the entire March Madness playoffs because one day, when she hit her local gym, , instead of working out, decided to shoot some hoops. After watching her big boobs bounce all around as she dribbled and shooting brick after brick, this gym rat Johnny decided it would be the perfect time to introduce himself and give her some pointers. In actuality, the only point he wanted to give her was between his legs, but he had to play the game. She graciously accepted his offer and he showed her a few tips to improve her shot. Well, it didn’t take long for Johnny to work his real game, and Sophia was dying to see his ripped body. Given it was late at night, they both knew the locker rooms were clear and decided to go in and have some fun. Sophia couldn’t wait to tear off his shorts and her eyes bugged out as she saw his huge, throbbing cock. She immediately started sucking on it, while Johnny removed her sports top and starting playing with her double d’s. At a certain point, the two didn’t even care they were fucking basically in the open, where anyone could walk in, but they still went at, getting one hell of a cardio workout. Sophia even took home Johnny’s protein shake at the end. Check out this busty hardcore flick from Brazzers!

sophia lomeli blowjob

Watch this big tit latina fucking hooking up in her gym locker room!

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