Taylor Stevens Auctions King’s T-Shirts Worn at Stanley Cup Finals

I don’t think in the history of this blog, have I ever done back to back posts about one specific model, but this one is special. Taylor Stevens, who we all saw on tv at the King’s home games in L.A. during the Stanley Cup playoff Finals is auctioning off the t-shirts that she wore in Game 4 and Game 6. The proceeds of these ebay auctions will be going to charity. You may or may not have known, but Taylor is currently battling cancer, Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. If you guys remember Taylor from the past, she was substantially larger, and according to her, borderline diabetic. So the proceeds of the two t-shirts will be going to The Lymphoma Foundation and the Obesity Society, two charities that are close to her.

Game 4 T-Shirt AuctionGame 6 T-Shirt Auction

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