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Siri Has a Sugar Daddy

One of Siri’s co-workers, Danny, walked in on Siri packing up her office after she had been let go. She appeared to be in really good spirits, and Danny was confused given that she was soon going to be out of work in this economy. She was all smiles and said, “Not to worry, I have a sugar daddy.” Danny instantly thought of her fucking some old guy for cash, and knew it was now or never to try to get a piece of this busty blonde himself. He made his advances and Siri was extremely receptive. Before they knew it, Siri was choking on his cock and fucking her in the office. With her big tits bouncing all around, and having the time of his life, Danny was pissed he hadn’t tried this sooner…

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Boob Training with Siri

Siri’s latest scene at Big Naturals features this Swedish babe getting more than a workout lesson. When Siri’s personal trainer comes over for the first time, he can’t keep his eyes off her big tits. When she doesn’t realize how expensive the training lessons are, she offers to let him fondle her tits for payment. The trainer takes her up on this offer, but Siri finds herself getting more and more excited as he plays with her double H’s. She takes advantage of the situation by inviting him inside her house for a real lesson in exercise. Watch Siri wrapping her huge 32HH tits around this big cock and totally getting him off!

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Siri Big Tits

Meet Siri! No, she isn’t the latest artificial intelligence busty model from Apple (although I kinda wish she was ;-)), she’s an amateur model from Minnesota, discovered by Scoreland! Siri is of Swedish decent and her name is short for Sigrid. Siri’s face is just gorgeous, she has a natural beauty to her. Speaking of naturals, I’m sure you didn’t miss her natural 32HH! Yes, double H’s! There’s a lot more to this busty blonde, so check out her debut!

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