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Wendy Fiore Outdoors

There’s not a single busty model out there that I want to see nude more than Wendy Fiore. Her mouth watering 32JJ cups have been driving me nuts for years, years I say! Some of her latest work though has me thinking that time has almost come. With sheer tops, that you can make out her areolas, to completely topless, with just hands slightly covering her breasts, I think the days of wondering are numbered. Take a look at a patriotic Wendy, wandering through the desert, bouncing around her massive mammories! Courtesy of Wendy4.

Watch this 32JJ cup babe teasing with her huge tits!

Rachel Aldana Incredible POV Pics

I know what you’re thinking and I agree. I don’t think there’s a better pose that I’d rather see Rachel Aldana in or any big boob model for that matter. The “laying down and I’m still stacked, and this is what it would look like if you were doing me” pose is the best. Normally, because Rachel’s tits are so large, you don’t see any of the upper portion of her stomach, because it’s covered by her boobs. But in this shot, you can really see how slim her body is and just how large her 32JJ cups really are. I have to say, I’m extremely impressed. This photo shoot was created just because Rachel wanted to lay down for a bit to stretch her back. I can only imagine all the back problems these boobs would create. So, after shooting one shot and seeing how sexy it was, they created an entire shoot around this pov pose. Take a look at this huge breasted British babe on her site at Rachel Aldana.

rachel aldana big tits

Like what you see? Visit Rachel Aldana, the official site of this JJ cup babe!

Busty Teri Fox

Teri Fox, a huge breasted, 32JJ cup English babe just recently came out with her own site Busty Teri Fox. It seems over the years that there’s a lot of busty women coming out of the UK, more recently girls like Dors Feline, H Cup Holly, Rachel Aldana, have really made their mark in the big boob world. Teri’s impressive chest has her right up there with the biggest of them. Take a look at Teri’s new site!

Busty Teri Fox

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World Cup Epic Boobage

As England and Germany squared off in the World Cup yesterday, two of their biggest boob fans Jana Defi (32G) and Rachel Aldana (32JJ) each have their teams support. Although Jana is from the Czech Republic, she gave Germany her boobs. Rachel, a U.K. native, was proud to display England across her natural wonders. Unfortunately for Rachel, England was crushed and sent home packing. For us big boob fans, it was a win either way, as we get to see more of these two beauties and their huge natural tits one more time.

world cup boobs england soccer boobs england futball boobs
world cup tits germany soccer boobs germany soccer tits

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If you’re on Facebook, or maybe you just heard in the news, there’s a “movement” going on called Boobquake. It basically started with some women that were upset with an Iranian cleric, who said that scantly clad women caused earthquakes. So, in protest, they have joined to band together to show more cleavage, and certainly most guys won’t have any opposition to that.

There’s few women out there with breasts that might show up on the richter scale, one of them being Rachel Aldana. Her all natural 32JJ cup tits were big enough to crown her “U.K.’s Biggest Boobs” a few years ago and I don’t think she’s lost her title since. It’s amazing that natural boobs can be this large on a midsize frame, but indeed, she’s the real deal. Certainly, you know you have some absolutely large tits when you’re laying down and they still appear huge. I don’t think anyone is denying the size of these breasts, mostly the thought is awe.

Rachel Aldana

Rachel Aldana

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Rachel Aldana and Jelena Jensen

Jelena Jensen is no slouch when it comes to big boobs (or just about anything), but she just can’t believe how large Rachel Aldana’s are and wants proof! So she does what anyone would do in that instance (aside from just feeling them and guessing) she measures them. This shoot from PinupFiles shows Jelena in absolute shock when she measures a 32JJ cup on Rachel! They’re just huge. You know Rachel Aldana was crowned the Guinness Record holder for the largest natural boobs in Britain? It’s true, look it up after you check these pics out!

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Ashley Sage Ellison Still Growing

It’s great to follow models of the years to see how they develop. When Ashley from Dream of Ashley first started posing nude online, she was just 18 years old and had an H cup boob size. She’s now 20 years old, and not to be put in a negative connotation, but she has gained some weight over last year, so her boobs have swelled up even larger to a double J cup! She’s official a 32JJ. As you can see, that’s really, really large. Not to mention, but to state the obvious, they’re 100% natural. What I’ve also found about Ashley is that initially she was going for, either inadvertently or not, the “cute” look, versus now, she’s really all about sex appeal and she’s able to pull it off quite nicely. Watch Ashley strip down from her silky pink chemise to reveal her wonderful, natural curves.

enormous tits i dream of ashely boobs 36jj cup boobs
ashely i dream of ashely boobs 36jj cup boobs
dream of ashely 36jj cup boobs ashely

Click here to visit Dream of Ashley’s official site!

Rachel Aldana Big Tit Bikini

Rachel Aldana is always a pleasure to show off and I’m not sure why I don’t fit her in more often. Her natural 32JJ tits are just so fucking hot, so perfect. For huge tits, they look just perfect, some of the best really large natural tits I’ve ever seen. She normally is strapped in a bikini or bra, then busts out to show her beauty(ies) in all her glory. Her stripped bikini is probably a few sizes too small, but I’m sure no one minds lol. Take a look at this busty British beauty.


Check out Rachels 32JJ tits on her official site RachelAldana.com

Rachel Aldana and Denise Milani

I was hoping when Rachel Aldana opened her site, that she’s pair off when a few busty hotties and she has. Her latest set features the lovely Denise Milani. Rachel’s 32JJ and Denise’s big chest are a perfect compliment to each other. Check out these beautiful busty women.

bikini big boobs big tits big tits
bikini big boobs bikini big boobs denise milani

Check out these huge breasted babes at Rachael’s site

September Carrino

September Carrino is the newest big tit hottie to come out of PinupFiles and she is causing quite a stir. Not since Rachel Aldana, have I seen guys going gaw-gaw over a busty babe. It’s easy to see why though. September has a beautiful face, an awesome body and those tits – natural F cups! I will definitely be posting more of this hottie, in the meantime, check out this new busty discovery.

pierced big nipples socal big boobs September Carrino
socal big boobs socal big boobs socal big boobs

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Rachel Aldana 32JJ Tits

I’m going on holiday, so this will be my last post of the year. First, I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! To all you men and women who visit each day, I thank you. This site has grown tremendously throughout the year and I’m certainly glad to show you some great big boobs pictures and movies and hope to for many years to come. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Now without further adu….

I present 18 year old Rachel Aldana. Rachel was granted by the Guinness Book of Records for having Britain’s biggest boobs, a whopping 32JJ! However, weeks later, two women came forward to overshadow this proud acheivement. Luckily for us however, PinupFiles.com contacted Rachel to do some shoots for them, and she’s already done several photo shoots and just recently her first HD video with them. Oh yeah, did I mention her boobs are completely natural? Well, they are. It’s hard to believe at 32JJ, there’s no silicone, but I can assure, there is none. Enjoy!

rachael aldana rachael aldana enormous boobs
pinupfiles.com rachael aldana enormous boobs
pinupfiles.com huge natural tits pinupfiles.com

Watch Rachel Aldana’s high def movie at PinupFiles.com