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Cheron’s Enormous Ebony Boobs

Cheron, an exclusive boob model from Top Heavy Amateurs, has some of the largest natural tits that I’ve certainly come across. At 32K, her tits are just absolutely enormous. Cheron has been featured at Top Heavy for almost two years now and apparently she’s still nervous about showing her face. Luckily, when it comes to showing off her big tits, she’s completely uninhibited.

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32K Cup Cheron

Top Heavy Amateurs continues to perform. They’ve got tons of quality content and they update often. One of their latest shots features an exclusive regular, 32K cup Cheron. Cheron is still a little shy and not willing to take the plunge to show her face, but she’s more than happy to show off her enormous black tits. Cheron’s quite a find, and I’m sure that’s why THA is willing to forgo the face shots lol. Take a look at this huge breasted black amateur.

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Anonymous Big Tits

There’s something sexy about girls who post on the net, but are not revealed. How often during the day do you see really hot girls, but know they’ve never post nude because they don’t want to be seen? Well, lately it seems that Top Heavy Amateurs has found some huge breasted amateurs that don’t want to give up the face shots, but are proud of their outstanding natural tits. 22 year old Cheron, who works in customer service, is the latest anonymous model that wants the world to see her real 32K tits. As you can see, they’re just absolutely huge. I’ve got give it up to THA, they’re doing an outstanding job giving us booblovers enough big boobage to last us a lifetime.

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Cheron huge black tits Cheron
Cheron huge black tits Cheron

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