Emma Breath Takers


Over the years there’s been a handful of art type site that have sprung up with some really beautiful, undiscovered women. If you really think about it, most beautiful women, are unknown. Perfect example is Hollywood. If 99% of Hollywood actresses weren’t famous, no one would say “they’re hot.” Real girls, amateurs that you find walking the street or at Starbucks or wherever, they are the true beauties of the world. One site that definitely has their fair share of beauties is. Although it’s not a big boob site per se, they have a handful of girls with a little more than a handful, if you know what I mean. One that I’ve featured here before is Emma. Emma is from the U.K. and boasts 33F cup, all natural boobs. Although her boobs are very impressive, I love her large areolas that encompass almost her entire boob. Something about large areolas that I find extremely sexy. In any case, check out this beautiful, all natural amateur.



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