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Huge Tit Threesome

Natalie Fiore, Micky Bells and Hitomi Tanaka team up for what might be the largest breasted threesome I’ve ever seen. Natalie (36DDD), Micky (34K) and Hitomi (40J) have a field day playing with each other’s enormous tits. But Micky and Natalie sort of team up on Hitomi, who’s naturally submissive and begins to service both ladies juggs. Watch this incredible scene at Scoreland!

hitomi tanaka lesbian

Check out this latest update from Scoreland

Dors Feline Revisited

It was just about a year ago today, that Dors Feline, the 34K alt/pump amateur that we had all grown to love, decided to abruptly call it quits from adult modeling. She had some pretty harsh things about the adult industry that she got off huge chest too. It wasn’t too much longer after that, that Dors decided to get a massive breast reduction. Dors went from K cups to C cups! It appeared in the end that she absolutely loathed her big breasts, and really wanted nothing more to do with living, or showing them any longer. Plumper Pass, has some of the last footage ever of Dors, where she played and teased us with her curvy, sexy body.

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Micky Bells BBW Big Tits

Micky Bells has some massive curves, with 34K cup natural breasts and the thing is – She keeps getting bigger! When I first posted Micky, back in 2007, she was listed as a DD cup. Over the years, she’s gotten heavier, and naturally, her breasts have gotten larger, a lot larger lol. Her latest scene at XL Girls has her showing off her enormous chest, her plump, curvy body and spreading wide to play with that sweet pussy of hers!

Watch this bbw playing with her big 34K cup tits!

Dors Feline XL Girls

I had been hearing rumors for quite some time, so I wasn’t sure it was going to happen, but it did – Dors Feline has official shot with Scoreland! Her debut comes to Score’s bbw site, XL Girls. Dors unleashes her 34Ks in the bathtub, first lotioning herself up, then taking a nice soak. Looks like she’s added a few more tattoos to her curvy body as well, with a nice new back piece. Score/XLGirls is famous for getting their girls to do hardcore, so we can only dream…..Enjoy this 34K cup all natural punk/alt babe Dors Feline!

Dors Feline

Check out Dors Feline’s debut at XL Girls!

Blondie Dors Feline

Dors Feline decided that her short, dark hair needed some change, so she went the opposite and grew out her hair and bleached it blonde. It’s quite drastic, as I’m used to seeing her shorter hair, nevertheless, I think she looks great. I know there’s been a mixed reaction, but one thing for sure, is that her tits looks so great. Her massive 34K’s look larger each photo set I see. Is it possible Dors is still growing? Check out the latest Dors Feline shots sporting the blonde ‘do. Those last two shots just kill it!


For some serious natural knockers, visit Dors Feline today!

Dors Feline Masturbation

I tell you, each update that Dors Feline does, gets one step closer to doing full on hardcore. It seems that in 2010 there’s a lot of models going hardcore. Well, when they reach a certain status, their fans just want to see them go all the way. In Dors’ latest update, she uses a big vibrator on herself, and you can totally picture what it’s like to see a big cock jiggling between her lovely 34K cup big tits. When she bounces around, they jiggle like crazy, I can only imagine when she’s really having sex how they must bounce. I think we’re going to see it soon, but in the meantime, take a look at her latest, in which she totally gets off playing with herself.

Dors Feline

Watch big titted Dors play with her swollen pussy!

Dors Feline Touchy Feely

Dors Feline is at it again, taking some naughty pics with her boyfriend. Guys, it’s only a matter of time now, I think, that Dors will be doing full on hardcore. With each new set she does with her new guy friend, she’s revealing a little more and more. This time Dors’ man plays with her big tits, and does a little fingering in her tight, pierced pussy. A few pictures are missing in the segment, then all of a sudden Dors has a load of cum on her ass! I can’t wait to see those big 34K tits bouncing around. I’m sure it’ll be soon!

Dors Feline

See more of this natural 34K cup punk chick Dors Feline!

Dors Feline Summer Tits

Dors Feline is all ready for the summer, flashing her big tits around when she last visited Florida. Normally, this UK native spends her holiday in dreary England, and doesn’t get too much sun. She had the opportunity to travel to the states and as soon as she found out she was going to Florida, she was all over it. She checked into her hotel and immediately hit the pool, anxious to get use of her brand new bikini. It didn’t take long before the hotel guests were gawking over her 34K big tits, so she did what any exhibitionist would do, she flashed them. Check out Dors busting out of her bikini at the hotel pool.

dors feline tits

Dors Feline

Click here to see more of this 34K cup amateur Dors Feline!

Dors Feline Amatuer Pics

Last week Dors announced that she had a huge update on her site DorsFeline.com where her and the cameraman had a little bit of fun and she ended up with a load of jizz all over her 34K tits when all was said and done. Well, these are a sample of the exclusive pics from her site. They’re done in an amateur style, which I think is the best btw, with Dors getting felt up, her pussy prodded, and….well there’s cum, so fill in the rest lol. Take a look at these hot amateur pics from Dors.

Dors Feline

Dors Feline

See all the action between Dors and this mystery man here!

Dors Feline Goes XXX!

Big Boobs Newsalert! Straight from Dors Feline,

ok so monday on my website theres new pics for you to see that i shot just this weekend! annnnd its more kink than my usual members are used to!
oh yes!!
i had a guy shooting me…
and some how ended up with my tits covered in cum??

That’s right! She said “TITS COVERED IN CUM”! See, prayers are answered. Today, Monday Feb. 22nd, Dors Feline will be updating her FIRST XXX shoot ever! I’m huge fan of Dors, and judging from all the clicks her pics get, it appears you guys are as well. I for one, cannot wait to see this shoot. I follow Dors on her Twitter account and let me tell you, she’s one sexual woman. I can’t wait to see how she ends up with cum on her tits, I’m praying for tit fuck…Come on titty fuck….Join her site today and see what happens.

Dors Feline

Dors Feline

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Dors Feline Boob Wash

Dors Feline is moving her way up my favorite big boob ladder very quickly. Ever since I came across her last year, she’s just been getting hotter and hotter each time I see her. Not to mention that I love punk/alt girls, but Dors’ curves are just absolutely amazing. I could get lost in her 34K natural boobs. She’s the kind of woman that you spend hours in bed with, just feeling her curves all over your body. Geez, I’m starting to sound like Penthouse Forum. Take a look at this beautiful, curvy babe.


See all of Dors Feline’s hot curves at her very own personal site!

A Dors Feline Boob Christmas

Another special treat I enjoyed this year was this alt/punk monster boob curvy amateur Dors Feline. I recall seeing her first set, then she just sort of exploded in popularity and within weeks had her own site going. She really got that going fast. I’m happy that she’s working hard on the site and updates often. Her 34K tits are always amazing to look at.

Dors Feline

Dors Feline

Visit Dors Feline’s site for some more Christmas boobage!

Dors Feline’s Zombie Boobs

Trick or treat? Whatever has Dors Feline’s boobs in my face I’ll take. I suppose that’s treat? I’ll admit I’m a big fan of Halloween and I love zombies and this set from Dors got me thinking, if I saw a big boob zombie, would I run? I think I would because once I turned into a zombie, I don’t think I’d care about boobs anymore. I would definitely hang around a bit, maybe run in circles just to get a few peeks of Dor’s massive 34K tits. Ok, who am I kidding, I’d let Dors take me 😉

Dors Feline

Dors Feline

See more of this busty zombie at her site DorsFeline.com!

Dors Feline Loves Big Fucking Boobs

How cool is that? I want to thank Dors Feline for doing this shot just for Big Fucking Boobs. And what a shot it is, Dors laying down, you can see the magnificent size of her breasts. They’re absolutely huge! Her 34K all natural tits are bigger than her head. God, what I would do to get my hands on this gorgeous girl. Yes, just about anything. Her site is updated with a ton of new content, some great videos of Dors handling her twins that will leave you wanting more. Thanks again Dors!

Dors Feline

Dors Feline

Click here to download all of Dors Feline’s movies