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Busty Wendy4 Pinup Files

I’ll admit, aside from all the big tits around here, I have a huge fetish for women in business suits or dress shirts. I find it completely sexy when a good looking women dresses up for work, and you know they’re just wild when it all comes off. I’m talking about the busty girls that you can see just bursting out of their dress shirts, glasses, the whole nine yard. In the latest from Pinup Files, Wendy Fiore, dresses up exactly for the part that I love. If you’ve ever seen her in a button up shirt, you’ll know that she can barely fit in one, let alone button it up all the way to the top. Her her big tits are just completely stuff in. With nothing underneath her shirt, she slips into a sexy, pinky bra, with her tie still on and teases us endlessly. Take a look at this busty beauty Wendy Fiore.

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Wendy Fiore Pinup Files

36JJ Italian boob wunderkind, Wendy Fiore, decided it was time to extend her wings a bit and she’s shoot with big boob site Pinup Files. Although she’s getting more and more revealing, her work is still non-nude, but I tell you, I think we’re close ;-). Wendy just loves to show off her massive boobs and I can’t imagine that she’s going to want to hold out forever. Sometimes it’s best to leave it to the imagination, dont you think? Nah, I’d rather see the boobs! Enjoy the latest from Wendy teasing us with her huge tits in this tiny bikini!

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Busty Maria Moore Is Pregnant

At 33 weeks pregnant, Maira Moore’s baby bump is definitely showing. And just when you thought that her 36JJ tits couldn’t get any bigger, well they are! Her juggs are full of milk and I can’t even imagine what size they are at the moment. She just updated her site at Busty Maria Moore with this video of her showing off her unreal curves. What’s exciting too is that her areolas are getting even bigger. From the looks, they appear about 4 inches across and they’re just going to get darker over time as well. I definitely love the dark, pregnant areolas. With just a few weeks before delivery, I’m sure she’s getting ready to have those succulent, heavy breasts sucked on non-stop! Hopefully, she has some lactating videos coming soon! In any case, watch Maria oil up and play with her enormous milk filled boobs!

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Monster Big Boobs Orgy

This is seriously one of the biggest big boob get together’s documented ever – in the porn industry of course. XL Girls latest features the who’s who is bbw/huge tit porn. We’re talking about Maria Moore (36JJ), Samantha Anderson (38G), Rose Valentina (42J), Cassie Blanca (44G) and the mighty Sapphire (38L) all in one scene together! After getting a little tipsy with each other, the tops start to fly off and a little breast sucking and licking ensues. The male strippers definitely want in on this action and just flat out get nude while dancing around. The women certainly can’t ignore these huge cocks bouncing around in front of them, and before they know it, a full on orgy is taking place. These two lucky guys have their pick of 5 enormous breasted women and they definitely take advantage of it. Watch these women going crazy at this big boob bachelorette party!

Big Boob Bachelorette Party

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Maria Moore at Juggmaster

Juggmaster is one of the original, U.S. big boob fetish photographers that blossomed on the net. He’s been around for a long time and has a true fetish for big tits. He likes them all natural, he likes his girls with a little meat on their bones, and he likes his tits BIG. If you check out his site, there’s no D cups, we’re talking K, double G, etc. Yeah, sizes most people have never even heard of. Although most of the models on the site tend to be amateurs, or less well known, an opportunity to shoot big boob legend Maria Moore is certainly welcomed. There’s no big boob connoisseur that would give up a chance to see Maria’s 36JJ big tits in person. Enjoy the latest with Maria Moore and she strips down from her bikini

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Maria Moore and Sapphire

In what may possibly be the largest big boob threeway ever, 38L cup Sapphire and 36JJ cup Maria Moore team up for this legendary scene at XL Girls. These two bbws have some of the biggest tits out there and getting them together for this scene is epic. The girls take turns sucking cock, licking each other’s big tits, getting fucked and both of them take one huge cumshots on their tits.

Sapphire & Maria Moore

Sapphire & Maria Moore

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Maria Moore Motorboating

What’s a motorboat? Well, you’re looking at it. It’s when you bury your face in some juggs and you shake your head side to side making the sound of a motor boat. You should try it sometime, it’s lot of fun. Maria Moore’s 36JJ tits are perfect ones to motorboat because you can basically stick your entire head into her cleavage. I would imagine you’d need to take some deep breaths prior to venturing inside, because I’m sure you could suffocate if you stay too long. Check out this great new scene from XL Girls with Maria Moore motorboating, sucking, fucking and uses her tits to make this guy cum!

Maria Moore

Maria Moore

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Anna Love

I’d need shades too, to look at these huge, white monster 36JJ titties. Anna Love, from Big Tits Glamour, has some monstrosities for sure. When she stands up, they almost hang down to her belly button! When you got JJ’s, its hard for them not to. I could only imagine the hours of enjoyment these would bring. They look so soft and pillow like, and watching Anna play with them brings a stiffy each and every time. Take a look at this double J showing off her big wonders.

Anna Love

Anna Love

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Alicia Loren

Alicia Loren, one of the net’s largest busted amateurs, finally has her own, official site! Alicia-Loren.com is the new home of this 36JJ babe. This italian amateur has been on the net for a few years now, showing the world her absolutely huge, natural tits. One thing that impressed me when looking at her new pics, was Alicia’s flexibility. I mean, she’s slightly plump and can you believe that she can pull her legs over her head? She could be lots of fun ;-). Over the years one thing that I’ve also noticed that Alicia loves to do is milk her juggs. I mean this in the literal sense. It seems that she’s always lactating, because she’s able to squeeze out quite a bit. Creme coffee anyone?

alicia loren, 36jj, huge natural tits, alicia-loren.com alicia loren, 36jj, huge natural tits, alicia-loren.com alicia loren, 36jj, huge natural tits, alicia-loren.com
alicia loren, 36jj, huge natural tits, alicia-loren.com alicia loren, 36jj, huge natural tits, alicia-loren.com alicia loren, 36jj, huge natural tits, alicia-loren.com
alicia loren, 36jj, huge natural tits, alicia-loren.com alicia loren, 36jj, huge natural tits, alicia-loren.com alicia loren, 36jj, huge natural tits, alicia-loren.com

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Bust Maria Moore Quickie

After carrying around her big 36J juggs all day long, Busty Maria Moore decided to take a nice long bath and relax her back lol. While soaking, one of her friends came in with a hard cock, ready to go. Maria, feeling a bit frisky as it was, decided to start sucking him off, then gets out of the tub, bends over and takes it hard doggy style. Her tits swing lie crazy as she gets fucked. Ultimately Maria jerks him off and he shoots his load all over her big wonders. Take a look at these clips.

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Alicia Loren’s Huge Tits

They’re 36JJ cups to be exact. Yeah, they’re bigger than any natural breasts you’ve probably seen. This 25 year old is from Romaina, but currently lives in Italy. Her boobs are indeed massive and after a recent pregancy, her breasts swelled up to huge proportions, bigger than her head! Big Fucking Boobs for sure!

alicia loren.com

Alicia Divine Breasts

There’s a new site to Big Fucking Boobs that I want to tell you about, Divine Breasts.com. They’ve got some of the biggest, natural breasted women around! This gallery features Alicia, with 36JJ cup tits filled with milk! Yes, you can even catch some movies of her squeezing her tits and spraying milk. Suddenly, I feel like having some cereal.

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