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Janne Hollan

If you’re in the Czech Republic and happen to call an unspecified auto manufacturer, there’s a chance that busty Janne Hollan might be on the other line. This Czech customer service rep found Scoreland when they were doing a roadshow in Berlin, Germany. With her natural 38G cups, she was an easy choice to select her to model for their site. Aside from helping customers, Janne’s loves all the attention she’s getting from modeling and plans to peruse it even further. I can wait to see more of this plump, Czech blond, but until then enjoy her latest.

Scoreland the ultimate site for big boob lovers

Samantha 38G Riding

It’s hard to believe that it was just over 7 years ago that I first began blogging about 38G cup Samantha Anderson. When I saw her massive tits for the first time, I had no idea that she would become a busty legend, with her own site, years later. She continues to put out some amazing content, including some of the best titty fucking around! Watch Samantha use this big cock to cum over and over, then returns the favor by using her big tits to bring this guy to orgasm!

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Extra Large Charlie Cooper

Charlie Cooper is brand new to this blog, but not brand new to Xl Girls and she’s back for yet another new update. I know I’ve been slacking on the updates, that’s a whole other story, but I’m going to end this year strong with some great, big boob babes to make you go crazy. This sexy bbw has amazing, all natural 38G cups that are simply huge. She’s up there in breast size with some of the big boob greats, like another Xl Girls regular, Samantha Anderson. Also like Samantha, Charlie isn’t shy to show off her sexual side – she’s featured in some amazing hardcore shoots where you can watch those big titties go wild!

charlie cooper xlgirls

Check out these 38G cups in all their glory here!

Monster Big Boobs Orgy

This is seriously one of the biggest big boob get together’s documented ever – in the porn industry of course. XL Girls latest features the who’s who is bbw/huge tit porn. We’re talking about Maria Moore (36JJ), Samantha Anderson (38G), Rose Valentina (42J), Cassie Blanca (44G) and the mighty Sapphire (38L) all in one scene together! After getting a little tipsy with each other, the tops start to fly off and a little breast sucking and licking ensues. The male strippers definitely want in on this action and just flat out get nude while dancing around. The women certainly can’t ignore these huge cocks bouncing around in front of them, and before they know it, a full on orgy is taking place. These two lucky guys have their pick of 5 enormous breasted women and they definitely take advantage of it. Watch these women going crazy at this big boob bachelorette party!

Big Boob Bachelorette Party

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Claudia Marie Boob Hit

One of the horniest, sluttiest women in porn today is Claudia Marie. This woman has an insatiable appetite for sex and will fuck just about anyone that remotely turns her on. From strangers, site members to the biggest stud pornstars, she just loves cock. Claudia was recently at an adult convention where a male pornstar went right up to her and asked to fuck. Normally she likes her husband to film it and be in the room, but he wasn’t around and she couldn’t let this opportunity to fuck one of the largest cocks in porn slip away, so she agreed. They head up to her room and immediately go at it. This dude fucks Claudia real good, and when she’s in the missionary position, he’s banging her so hard, her huge 38G tits are hitting her right back in the face!

Claudia Marie

See more of this big tit slut Claudia Marie getting fucked!

Shyla Shy Titty Fucking Fun

Shyla Shy’s all natural 38G cup boobs are just perfect to wrap around a huge cock and get the titty fuck of your life. These soft and pillow like boobs will feel like heaven once they’re squeezing up against your hard shaft, rubbing up and down it, waiting to be jizzed all over. Think you can hold out inbetween these? Let’s see if this guy can.

Shyla Shy

Shyla Shy

Shyla’s Big Boobs Blasted

If I had a pair of natural (hell, I’d even go for fake) 38G cup in front of me, probably the last thing that I’d want is a handjob, but to each is own. No double it feels great, but come on, you’ve got 38G cups in front of you! lol Although, I will gives this man credit that he does play with her boobs a little. This top heavy teen Shyla Shy breaks out of her bikini and strokes this man until he oozes with pleasure.

Shyla Shy

Shyla Shy

Watch Shyla milk this man’s cock as her boobs hang over him!

BBW Peaches La Rue

XL Girls is my favorite places to find plump women and this new photo update from Peaches La Rue is one hell of a woman. The busty milf was staying late at the office, but instead of working, she started watching porn! After getting a little turned on, she strips off the dress and shows off her sexy, lacey bra and panties while bending over to show off her massive 38g tits and huge ass! Can you imagine the janitor walking in on her? This woman has some really nice curves, but it’s those huge tits that I just want to hold in my hand and on my head. Soon after Peaches removes the bra and panties and is down to nothing but her pantyhose which she tears a hole in so she can have a little more fun. She then breaks out with this huge dildo and starts to lick and deepthroat it. I don’t know why she stashes a dildo at work, but I won’t fight it. She then lubes it up and sits on the desk and shoves it deep inside her tight pussy until she gets herself off. Check out all the action inside!

Peaches La Rue

Peaches La Rue

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My Big Plump Wedding

Have you ever seen such boobage in one place? I’ve seen a lot of big tits in my life and I’ll admit, this is the single biggest gathering of humongous tits that I’ve seen in one setting. My Big Plump Wedding is a DVD that just came out that features big boob stars, the bride, Samantha Anderson (38G) and her big-titted bridesmaids Sapphire (36F), Maria Moore (36J), Rose Valentina (42J) and Cassie Blanca (?).

There’s 6 scenes in the DVD, The Fitting Room, Shopping for Sex, The Bacherloette Party, “Wanna Get a pizza?” The Wedding and The Wedding Night. 6 full on hardcore big n busty scenes. You can only imagine all the action, this is one hell of a cast and one great production. Here cums the bride!

My Big Plump Wedding DVD

My Big Plump Wedding DVD

Buy My Big Plump Wedding – Running Time 117 Minutes

Samantha Anderson and Maria Moore

Probably two of the most popular big naturals models are Samantha Anderson and Maria Moore. No secret why they’re so popular, for one, they’ve been around for years and gained a healthy fan base, and two, their tits are just so damn big! Samantha’s holding 38G cups around while Maria has 38FF’s. The two initially started posing online by themselves, then both got into hardcore and now have teamed up for some lesbian huge boob action. You can learn a lot about how these two loves their tits played with by what they do to each other. Check this one out for pointers!

Check out these top heavy chubbies at Sexy Samantha 38G

Big Boob Asians

Busty-Asians is the premier site for – you guessed it – Busty Asian women. Harada Orei, Natsume Rio and Nemoto Harumi are three women who are hugely popular in Japan. All three are considered Japanese Idols and have a big following. What’s not to like? These beautiful women are naturally endowed and that’s pretty much all it takes lol. Busty Asians has a ton of glamour videos to full on big tit asian hardcore sex. It’s a great site and it’s high recommended.

Check out these Asian women with huge tits

Sweet Melissa Boobs

While surfing all my favorite big tit sites, this huge breasted teen Melissa from Total Super Cuties, comes up every once in a while and I fall in love all over again. Her natural 38G cups are just amazing. They are just really massive. What I also like is that she has some meat on her bones. I actually prefer that more than anything. Take a look at this 19 year old’s enormous tits.

totalsupercuties totalsupercuties big teen tits
huge breasted teen totalsupercuties huge breasted teen
huge breasted teen totalsupercuties 38gcup tits
big teen tits big teen tits huge breasted teen

See more of this big breasted teen at TotalSuperCuties

Samantha 38G’s

Keeping with the huge juggs theme this week, I bring you Samantha Anderson from the new site Milf Soup. Samantha’s tits are an enormous 38G cup and they’re entirely natural. This MILF has been doing lots of hardcore movies and they’re great. One thing I love about her flicks is that she loves to tit fuck and will just engulf any size cock in between her large mammories. Check out this busty blonde giving this guy the time of his life.

38g cup tits

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Samantha’s Big Melons

Samantha is back again at Big Tits Round Asses with another incredible hardcore scene. Samantha sucks, fucks, rides and glides her way to an incredible orgasm. I’ve noticed in a lot of her movies, she cums a lot. Samantha’s natural, 38G’s swing around like no other. She even has to hold them down many times, because they’re just all over the place and it looks like it hurts when they move so much. She’s definiately a big tittie hall of famer!

samantha anderson bigtitsroundasses.com

See more of these big 38G cups at Bang Brothers

Samantha Massive Tits

Over the years you guys have seen a few posts from me with Samantha Anderson and her absolutely massive, all natural 38G cups. The very first time I ever saw her was at Big Naturals in a bikini shot. Now after a 6 year hiatus, she’s back, but this time doing a hardcore sex scene. Her big tits can make any large cock disappear between them. Check out the latest, she’s hornier than ever.

samantha anderson 38g natural tits
Watch the entire scene at Big Naturals.com