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Curvy Coco Austin

Many of you know of Coco Austin for her amazing, huge, round ass, or that she’s married to rapper Ice-T. Although enhanced, many don’t know that Coco is also sporting 40DD’s! She’s quite possibly the curviest white girl I’ve ever seen. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a total tit guy, but there’s no denying that Coco’s ass is just unbelievable. Showgirlz Exclusive recently shot Coco in a string bikini and sexy lingerie. All I can say is Ice T is one lucky man. Take a look at this curvy babe Coco Austin!

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Work With Big Tits

I love my job, I really do. Not because the pay is that great, or I get excellent benefits or I like doing what I do. No, I love going to work because a woman that sits nearby has the biggest tits around and loves to show them off. That’s it! Every day she manages to wear a smaller, more revealing shirt. Some days you can walk by and see her tits resting on her desk. You can imagine there’s a lot of guys who get lost around her desk, trying to figure out where they’re going lol. Jesus, she loves to tease that’s for sure.So yeah, big tits at work are great and motivation to anyone that needs it.

bigtitsatwork.com Ava Lauren

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