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Arianna Sinn and Miosotis 1st Girl-Girl Ever

Just a few months ago, Arianna Sinn came out with her very first hardcore scene and now she’s upped the ante just a little bit further. Arianna claims she’s never had a girl-girl experience in her life. Zero, zilch, nada. Well now, she teams up with one of the most biggest breasted women ever, 52KKK Miosotis, for her not only first girl-girl on film – this is literally her first girl-girl ever! Arianna starts off with some cock, two in fact, getting fucked with Miosotis sitting on the sidelines waiting to pounce. After Arianna’s lover gets her off, he drops his load all over her big tits – That’s when Miosotis comes in. After kissing her, rubbing her big breasts and licking her all over, Miosotis keeps Arianna’s legs spread open and dives down, face first, to give Arianna her first female pussy licking ever. While Miosotis has her way with Arianna’s tits, the guys come over to lend four more helping hands on her. This is one experience Arianna is never going to forget! Check it all out at Busty Arianna!

Arianna Sinn & Miosotis Part 1

Arianna Sinn & Miosotis Part 2

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Big Boob Headphones

If you’ve got tits bigger than the size of one’s head, you’re in a category of your own. There’s a hefty handful, large, really large, juggy, fucking huge, then above it all, there’s Miosotis. Her 52KKK cups are legendary in the big boob world and the fact that she does hardcore, makes it all that much better. I believe to get the full big boob experience, you need to see them in sexual situations. Thankfully, Miosotis agrees. Watch this Caribbean wonder do things with her tits that you’ve never seen before!


Triple K Miosotis

Scoreland finally caught up with the worlds largest tits, 52KKK Miosotis. This busty Caribbean queen has apparently found a new home and will be shooting quite a bit for the Score group. With all the big boob models gravitating towards Score, she’s definitely in good company. Her first scene is a solo one, showing the slim body, but extreme bustline that Miosotis offers. Her second scene will be a fan favorite, with her fucking! I’ve been so impressed with Score lately, they are really raising the bar for big boob models. There’s absolutely no place that you will find such stacked women!


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Miosotis 52KKK

Miosotis Claribel, the self proclaimed largest natural breasts in the world, is still going strong at XL Girls. This 52KKK cup caribbean honey is a big boob lover’s dream. Her site is loaded with her doing hardcore, fucking, sucking, squirting and just good ol’ shots of Miosotis just hanging about, literally. In this video, Miosotis is hanging out in the ocean, lounging on a raft playing with her huge tits. She starts getting her nipples really hard with some ice and before we know it, she has her swimsuit off and she’s rubbing her tight black pussy!

Miosotis Claribel

Miosotis Claribel

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Club Miosotis 52KKK

In the beginning of this year, I saw a scene with Miosotis in a threesome with Cherokee D Ass and I distinctly remember that scene because in all the years I’ve been blogging and looking at porn, Miosotis had some of the largest, natural tits I’ve ever seen. Her big latin tits measure 52KKK! Find me another woman with tits that large and you’ll have a Guinness Records type girl. Now, Miosotis can be found at XL Girls, doing all kind of hardcore movies!



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