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Busty Mommy


Quick question – Have you ever had sex with your friend’s Mom? No you haven’t, quit lying. Check this out though. I had a boss when I was in high school who used to tell me all about his party days. I guess that was his way of trying to “hang” with me. Anyway, he told me about when he was in high school and one of his friends had this party Mom that used hang out with her son and his friends and do drugs with them. My boss said after a few hours of partying, doing every drug imaginable, the Mom’s pants would fly off and she would end up doing her sons friends! One just one guy, but all of them! How fucking crazy is that? I don’t know, maybe because we hear about this going on more and more, but yes, it really does happen. I bet a lot more than we even think too. I mean come on, there’s a reason Desperate Housewives is so popular, all these horny older women are after that young cock! See for yourself!

Guys who tape fucking their friend’s Mom!