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Ready for a New Year’s Hookup?

I should have posted this a few days ago to get you guys ready, but there’s still and always will be time. Over the past week or so, I’ve been using Adult Friend Finder non-stop and getting ready for a New Year’s “date.” Now, I’ve been a member of AFF on an off for almost 9 years now. I’ve used them all, Yahoo/AOL chatrooms (really good in the early 2000’s), craigslist (nothing but spammers now) and other sex sites as well. There is not a single site that has gotten me laid more times than Adult Friend Finder! Because of the amount of people on the site, it is the absolute best hookup site on the net! I currently have a year long membership that paid for itself (what I would have paid for a nice dinner date to maybe get laid) in the first week! Now, the rest of the year is “free” lol. Right now is the absolute best time to be on the site because of the holiday season. No one wants to be alone during Christmas, but especially New Years. Plus it’s cold right now. Why do you think more babies are born in September than any other month? 9 months of pregnancy = Sex in January. Catch my drift? Aside from Valentine’s day, New Year’s eve is really the day that people want to feel loved and wanted. Yes, these women are looking for some holiday companionship, but ultimately, there’s no B.S. – They are looking for sex. So, you’ve got two days left until New Year’s eve, then 365 days remaining next year that women are still looking to fuck. As someone who has hooked up with over a dozen girls on the site, I’m going to give you some tips to help you land a New Years date. Like I said before, if you miss that opportunity, no big deal. Women are on the site all year long still looking for sex lol. Now this “guide” is for men only. Women, you know you don’t have to do a damn thing to get laid lol.

1. Sign up! The best value is the yearly membership, but if you’re on a budget, try it for a month and see how it works out for you. You have the option of Gold or Silver plan. I always pick the Gold. Why? One, it tells ladies that you’re serious and you get more search options and functionality on the site. Think of how much you’d be paying for a dinner date, then trust me, you won’t think twice about paying for a gold membership.

2. Fill out your profile as much as possible and include a picture. Describe what you’re looking for and what you have to offer. Now most guys include pics of their cock and body in their profile and that’s fine if you’re hung and look great, but women ultimately want to see your face. For those who want to be discreet, you don’t need include your face pic in your profile, but when sending an email to someone, send your face pic. Why? Because 99.9% of the time, the girl you’re emailing is going to ask for one. By sending it in advance, you speed up the process. Remember, we have two days to get someone for New Years, so you don’t want to waste time emailing back and forth.

3. Use the search functions and search for what you’re looking for in a 50 mile radius (of course more if you’re willing to drive further.) Normally, you’re going to be coming to them, or meeting halfway somewhere, so 50 miles is a good starting point to get a decent amount of women in your search results.

4. Email as many girls that you think – A.) match what you’re looking for, B.) that you think you have a shot with. When a girl says she’s only looking for guys with 10 inches, well, I’m not going to even try to email her lol. I don’t fall in her category, so I move on. Same goes for a woman who says “No single men.” You want to only email women you actually think you could have a connection with or you’ll be wasting time. It’s just like “real” life. Approach women that you feel you could have a chance with. HUGE TIP: Do not send blanket emails! They’re so easy to catch and women hate that. You’ll definitely not get a response if you send the same email to everyone, it’s just too obvious. Don’t just say “Hey, you’re hot, we should hookup. Hit me up on yahoo….” Take a few minutes and personalize your email. Briefly talk about yourself, talk about her profile, what you like about it, what you like about her pics and why you think you match what she’s looking for. It lets them know that you read what they wrote and that you’re attentive. Trust me, that goes a long way.

5. Be prepared to give women your online contact information right away. When sending an email through the AFF system, also give them your real email address and a handle to chat in real time, either yahoo, aol, icq, etc. You don’t want to be emailing back and forth. You want to talk to them in real time to get things moving along. Once that happens, then your chances of actually meeting are greatly increased. I always end my initial emails with something like “Do you have yahoo? Here’s my ID, we should chat. I’d love to talk with you and see if there’s a connection.” I would refrain from giving out your phone # in your initial email. It looks desperate and women are rarely, if ever going to call someone from just an email. Wait until you actually start chatting with them to give that out. TIP: Get a google voice account (it’s free). Then you can give women your google telephone # and forward that number to any other phone, i.e. your cell phone, land line. Trust me, last thing you want is some clingy girl that you had nsa sex with calling you all the time. Get a google voice account.

6. Once you start chatting online, well you’re on your own. If you’ve gotten that far, the woman is definitely interested, so your goal is to work towards asking her to meet. Don’t get too pervy right away (unless she starts it), make her comfortable talking with you, but also remember – you met her on a sex site and she’s ultimately looking for sex and that’s what you want to work towards. Once she trusts that you’re not some psycho, you should be in like flynn.

Now get to work! Join Adult Friend Finder right now and get some great nsa sex to end the year!

Busty Weekend Sex

Holidays are absolutely the best time for hooking up online. Everyone has the day off, they just want to relax, blow some steam and fuck! This morning I was browsing around at Adult Friend Finder and there were a ton of women in the chatrooms looking to hookup. Way more than normal. Some of the best sex I ever had was from women that I’ve met at AFF. The great thing is, there’s no beating around the bush, no games, everyone is looking for sex! If you have a three day weekend and want someone to spend it with, check it out guys, you can thank me later!

Find available local women this weekend for hot, juicy sex!

38G Webcam Tits

I couldn’t believe last night when I logged on to AFF and checked out the webcams. As usual, I search for the girls with the biggest boobs first. One in particular caught my eye, because it had the pic of Melissa from Supercuties.com. I was sure it was going to be a fake, someone just using her picture, but I clicked the cam anyway. My eyes opened wide when I saw it was actually Melissa! Yes, this 19 year old 38G cup was online and “looking for fun!” If that isn’t enough to join AFF, I don’t know what is. All I know is some lucky guy near her is going to have the time of his life with her….I know what I’ll be doing tonight lol.

melissa supercuties webcam

Adult Friend Finder has been amazing lately, I got laid over the weekend, with a new prospect set for next week too. Finding someone for sex has never been this easy, check it out for yourself!

Happy Holidays

I want to wish everyone a Happy and safe Holiday. I’ll be away until next week and won’t have access to a computer, so unfortunately no updates until then. There’s 2 years worth of archives though, so I don’t think you’ll run out of fresh boobs. Take a look way back, there’s lots of good stuff.

If you’re alone, or just want some fun, for the holidays, I recommend checking out Adult Friend Finder. There’s a reason September is the number one month for births! With ____,000 members, there’s always available people in your area who are looking for the same thing you are – getting laid!

Have a good one!

Big Boob Video Prank

This is one of the funniest movies I’ve seen on the net. There’s a hidden camera in a gym, and this girl who is working out keeps busting out of her top. The guy’s reactions are hilarious. I know everytime I’m at the gym and I see a busty girl, my eyes are on one thing. You can see these guys are no different. Sorry, for the bad screencap, the video itself is fine. Enjoy!

Want a busty workout partner or just a busty girl for sex? Check out Adult Friend Finder. Getting laid doesn’t get any easier than this.

Fiona’s Big Natural Boobs

Fiona is absolutely beautiful, with blue eyes, just 19 years old and huge 100% natural 35E cup boobs. Boobs.pl is home to all natural women from Poland that are absolutely beautiful. Enjoy this gallery of Fiona getting messy in her kitchen.

If you find yourself alone today for Valentine’s Day, it’s not too late to meet up with someone at Adult Friend Finder for some hot sex tonight! These women aren’t looking for dinner, flowers or candy, they just want sex! I’ve found many, many women on this site. Really guys, it doesn’t get any easier than this.

Merry Christmas from Melissa Midwest

melissa midwest.com

It looks like Santa started slacking on the job once he stopped at Melissa Midwest’s house. Hey, I don’t blame him. If I saw Melissa sitting there like that, I’d throw all those toys into space. Watch Melissa have a lot of fun with this old man.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas today! If you’re not able to spend it with family and have no one around, I would suggest checking out Adult Friend Finder. With the cold weather and the holiday “giving” spirit, it’s the perfect time to hookup with someone for some no strings sex. Give it a try, you can write to me and thank me later! Have a good one!

Jolie Milf Lesson


A few weekends ago, I was chatting on AFF with this woman who was a dead ringer for Jolie here from Milf Lessons. Really, it’s uncanny how close in appearence the two arre. Despite the fact that she was 20 years older than me, she was looking good and I wanted some sex. Well, I start asking if she had any more pics than her profile showed and she sends me a headshot, then a nice topless pic. I was ready to fly over there and do her right there. Then all of a sudden she tells me to check my email because she’s sent another pic and I get this picture of some dude fucking her in the ass with no condom. She tells it was taken a few nights ago. I didn’t know what to think, so I asked her if I had to wear a condom too and she said that she preferred that I didn’t. WTF? I’m a slut as much as the next guy, but there’s no way in hell I’m going bareback on some 40 year old, especially in the ass. That night, 3 sheets of kleenex and some big tit pics from the net sounded really good. Those damn milfs are crazy.

Mr Camel Toe


Chrissy from Mr. Camel Toe has quite a few things going for her. 1. She has all natural D cup tits. 2. She’s got a killer bod, pretty face and a bubbily personality. 3. She’s got a camel toe! This new camel toe site, from the guys behind such sites like Big Tits Round Asses, Milf Lessons, Assparade, etc, is another home run adult site. Cool thing about joining one of their sites, is you get access to all of them! Watch Chrissy show her camel toe and then get fucked hard! You guys are going to love this!

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