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Amber Lynn Bach and Rachel Aziani

It’s proven time and time again that alcohol and big boobs do not mix. Well, that is clothed boobs. It’s pretty much a prerequisite that women with big boobs must show them when they’re drunk. Otherwise, what’s the point of getting drunk? Well, two women that aren’t shy showing off sober is Amber Lynn Bach and Rachel Aziani. Both women are sporting 34DD’s a few shots, they’re both showing the entire bar what’s underneath. These girls love to flash in public, I’m sure the bars they attend love the attention.

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Big Tits Amber Lynn Bach

Amber Lynn Bach from Brazzers tits keep getting bigger (enhanced of course). I’ve read from several places they’re 34DD, but I’ve seen 34DD’s and these are much bigger lol. Amber is a total milf and after drawing some still life pictures of this big cock, she decides she wants some of it for herself. She sucks, rides and fucks the hell out of this lucky guy. Take a look at this busty mama that loves sex.

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Busty Bride

I’m not a married guy, but I think the one of the big reasons that men really want to get married is to have regular sex. Seriously, yes I’m sure there’s guys who have found their “soulmates” or whatever, but most guys just love the fact the can get laid when ever they want. Women don’t understand, sex is what makes men happy. I could be having the shittiest day, I have sex, boom – good day. When I have sex regularly, I’ll go shopping with my girl, I’ll go see stupid chick flicks with her, I’ll eat dinner with her parents, I don’t care, sex makes men happy.

When you take a look at, Amber aka Busty Bride, you know that any man would have loved to snap her up. Who would not want to have sex with this beautiful woman every single day? I know I would never get tired of it. Amber and her husband started taking their own sex pictures and videos, then one thing led to another and they started up this website. This busty bride is 31 years old, 5’4″, 32DD, 24,34…blonde & shaved! She’s fucking hot! Not only does she fuck her husband on film, she fucks his friends too! That’s what I call a giving wife!

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