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Anorei Collins 40LL

Holy fucking shit! These are quite possibility the largest boobs ever posted at Big Fucking Boobs. This is Anorei Collins from Big Tits Glamor. Her boobs are an astounding 40LL! That’s a double L! This 23 year old is one hell of a discovery. Can you imagine titty fucking her or just watching them bounce? I imagine they weight 20 lbs each! Her pics have only been posted on the site for one day and they’re already causing quite a stir. What’s great is that Anorei will also be doing FREE webcam shows at Big Tits Glamour as well. She’s their “official” girl for October 2009, and they’ve already got another scene ready to show, plus they’re shooting more of her as we speak too. This isn’t a girl that you just shoot once and forget, hopefully they’ll have quite a few updates with her. When they do, you’ll see them here first!

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