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Riley Evans Buckled Up

I don’t know about most states, but in California, having front driver or passenger windows tinted is illegal. Most people do it anyway, and you’ll only get a ticket if you get pulled over for something else anyway. In L.A., with all the celebs and “cool people” full window tinting is pretty much standard. With tons of hot girls all over the place, I always wonder what goes on inside the cars, so you can’t really see in. Riley Evans here, from Aziani Xposed, is a perfect example of that. She’s driving in her tinted benz and pulls down her shirt to show off those D cups. I’m happy to see that safety is on her mind and her seat belt resides quite nicely in her cleavage. Naturally, she’s driving around to find a spot, so she can get in the back and masturbate. I say just let someone drive her around while she does it, now that would be hot.

Riley Evans

Riley Evans

Watch Riley masturbate in the backseat at Aziani Xposed

Amber Lynn Bach and Rachel Aziani

It’s proven time and time again that alcohol and big boobs do not mix. Well, that is clothed boobs. It’s pretty much a prerequisite that women with big boobs must show them when they’re drunk. Otherwise, what’s the point of getting drunk? Well, two women that aren’t shy showing off sober is Amber Lynn Bach and Rachel Aziani. Both women are sporting 34DD’s a few shots, they’re both showing the entire bar what’s underneath. These girls love to flash in public, I’m sure the bars they attend love the attention.

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