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Europe’s Biggest Boobs?

Beshine.com is a new solo site that came out recently and the girl in question, aka Beshine, is claiming to have Europe’s largest boobs. Although, I will certainly see, these are some humongous, enhanced boobs, but the largest? In all of Europe? Why not the U.S.? ;-). I’ve only been across the pond a few times, so I cannot comment whether Beshine’s claims are in fact true. However, I will admit that claims like this usually go unchallenged, one being most women aren’t aware that such a title exists and two, I would imagine most women do not want to get involved in a “boob-off” where they’re displaying their chest for the entire world to view. So in any case, for the moment at least, Beshine may go unchallenged, and who knows, she could actually have Europe’s largest boobs. And if there’s ever any doubt, well, you can always inject a few more cc’s :-).

Visit Beshine.com today to see Europe’s undisputed largest boobs!