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Carson Big Sausage Pizza

Man, just look at this guy’s face when he walks into Carson’s house to deliver a pizza. I can’t imagine how many pizza delivery guys get laid each week around the world delivering pizzas. At Big Sausage Pizza though, it doesn’t matter what kind of pizza you order, every pizza comes with a big sausage…haha. Watch Carson take on the pizza guy with her jumbo fake tits!

carson bigsausagepizza.com

These girls order veggie pizza, but end up with a big sausage!

Carson at Big Sausage Pizza

This big tit babe is Carson from BigSausagePizza.com. Carson ordered a vegatarian pizza and was a little upset to see that a sausage pizza was delivered – Until she found out what kind of sausage it was! She turns from vegatarian to meat eater pretty quick as she devours the delivery drivers big cock. She then mounts herself on top of him and rides him like the lone ranger! The Big Sausage Pizza slogan is “Order any pizza and the sausage is free!” Check out these movie clips to watch Carson go at it!


Watch busty Carson and other hot babes eating sausage!