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Bozena and 1000!

This site is just a few months shy of 5 years old and I’m proud to say that this is my 1000th post! To be honest, I knew it was coming up, but just saw that my next post was going to hit the mark lol. Never would I have imagined that almost 5 years later I’d still be showing the biggest boobs on the ne. Big boobs are truly my passion. I don’t have any plans to get anywhere soon, and I even have plans to bring this to the next level. Have lots of ideas, so we’ll see what I can do with it.

For my 1000th post, it’ll be none other than Bozena from Scoreland. Bozena is an exclusive Score discovery from the Czech Republic. I can’t imagine the first time she was recruited and took of her bra, showing off her 38HH boobs. That’s truly hitting the jackpot. You know, I’ve blogged about a lot of sites, but I must say, when it comes to true big boob content, from big boob lovers, I don’t think there’s anyone that does it better than Scoreland. Don’t get me wrong, there are a ton of really good sites out there, but day in and day out, not only do they have real busty girls, they discover new girls what seems to be almost every week. They are the best at doing what they do. Take a look at one of their huge breasted discoveries Bozena!

Here’s to 1000 posts and here’s to another 1000 more! Thanks guys!



Take a look at the net’s biggest boobs at Scoreland!

Bozena & Eden

38H natural Bozena and Eden’s whopping 80HH boobs are up there with some of the largest I’ve ever posted. These two girls are absolutely huge. Amazing that they’re 100% natural too. Bozena, you might have seen over at Busty Adventures in some hardcore action, but unfortunately, Eden has never shot any boy/girl hardcore scenes. However, I was able to uncover photos and a personal webpage of Eden, which showed her as an escort, but since ScoreLand discovered her, her former profession appears to be non-existant with her new focus on modeling.

This one is for the real Big Tit Lover!

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Check out Score Land for some serious boob action.