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Tessa from Cosmid

Cosmid.net update the latest set featuring Tessa Fowler, aka Tessa Rich. Check out this natural 32E cup amateur busting out of her bikini!

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Jessie Minx Cosmid

Cosmid has a new, busty alt girl named Jessie Minx, aka Juicy Jess, that has absolutely huge tits and extremely large areolas. Jessie states that are boobs are a 42D, and although I might agree with the 42, they are way larger than a D cup. Jessie’s debut videos feature her playing with her big wonders, rubbing them in lotion and bouncing that juicy ass of hers.

Enjoy the busty, amateur girls of Cosmid.net!

Dayna Vendetta Cosmid

Dayna Vendetta is all smiles from her update at Cosmid.net. This Southern California native may appear sweet and innocent, but she’s far from it. In fact, she just recently got into shooting adult movies and she’s making quite a name for herself with her hardcore scenes. This time though, she just wants to show us her everyday attire, stripping down nude and posing with her D cups.

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Janine Cosmid

Cosmid has another, new, busty 18 year old, named Janine that is keeping members happy. She originally came to them, without any modeling experience at all, but totally ran with it. Her first set was a hit, so she agreed to come back…again and again. She even shot an amateur blowjob movie with her boyfriend, which is rare, since for the most part, Cosmid doesn’t do boy-girl hardcore. In any case, this New Yorker is a total cutie, with a great set of natural tits that I’m sure you guys will enjoy.

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Tasha Cole

When it comes to busty amateurs, Cosmid is quickly gaining a reputation for discovering some great gems. These aren’t pornstars, nor will you find these girls at any other sites. In fact, Cosmid really isn’t a porn site per se, with a vast majority of the girls posing solo. One of their girls that has the owner/photographer + members in a frenzy is Tasha Cole. Tasha is from Philly and is quite a looker, not to mention, she has very large, natural breasts. Since we’re dissecting, not only does Tasha have great tits, but a really nice round ass as well. Over the month, they’ve been shooting pics and videos of Tasha like crazy to keep up with the demand. We always want to see more! Take a look at this large busted amateur babe Tasha!


Check out these busty amateur girls of Cosmid.net!

Cosmid’s Lisa Davidson

If you guys haven’t visited Cosmid lately, you’re really doing yourself a disservice. I don’t know of a single site that has more, REAL, amateur big boob girls on it. When they started the site a few years ago, I saw there was a handful of busty girls, so I knew the owner had some sort of boob fetish. Over time, big boob girls one after another continued to update the site. Now, it seems like have big tits is a pre-requisite to appear, but that’s not always the case. One of their latest updates is a Jersey girl (can you tell by her looks? cough *tan*) that appeared several years ago and is back for another round. Lisa Davidson, a natural 36F cup, decided to push things a little further than last time, and has brought in some toys to accompany her large breasts. Since guys are visual, sometimes we need to see exactly what it would be like to see things in between breasts. Yeah, that’s my story and I’m sticking with it. Enjoy this set!


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Nika Cosmid

Cosmid.net continues, update after update, to bring us some really big boob amateurs. One of their latest discoveries, Nika, is a student from Prague, who has an extremely voluptuous frame. Aside from the obvious natural big boobs, Nika is over 6 feet tall! She actually plays on her college Basketball team, no joke. I can’t imagine her running up and down the court with those knockers, I’m sure she has her own fan club while playing. Take a look at this busty Amazon amateur Nika!

See more of this voluptous amateur Nika @ Cosmid.net!

Becca Cosmid.net

I’ve got to hand it to Sports By Brooks. Not only did he (Brooks) discover Denise Milani and Wendy Combattente, he can also take the credit for Becca (aka Jenna on SBB’s site). He certainly has a thing for finding some very busty women. Another site that loves busty girls is Cosmid.net. Apparently, Becca is 8 months pregnant right and can’t shoot (although lots of guys would LOVE to see her pregnant shots) right now, so Cosmid is waiting their turn to shot this big tits babe. In the mean time Becca offered them these picture sets taken a short while ago to put on the site. Enjoy these shots and be patient. We’ll see some really hot shots of Becca soon with some even bigger tits filled with milk!

becca cosmid.net becca cosmid.net big tits blue bikini
becca cosmid big tits blue bikini cosmid.net big boobs

See more of this busty babe Becca at Cosmid.net!

Bella Blaze Doing Situps

Guys, if you haven’t checked out the new Cosmid.net site, do it now! They’ve completely redone the site and they are adding new girls like crazy. Just in April alone, they’ve added 18 new sets and we’re just halfway through the month!

Just this year, we’ve gotten to know a new big tits babe, Bella Blaze. She started off right away doing hardcore stuff, which I think is great. Well, Cosmid just recently shot her, but in a more, personal setting – In her apartment. They gave her a camcorder and let her go wild, shooting her daily life of what goes on. We watch her taking a shower, and see her workout routine, how she keeps that tight little body of hers. Aside from jumping jacks, I enjoyed watching her do some situps, trying to lift those 36DD big tits of hers each time seemed like a struggle lol. No wonder her belly is flat, it’s like adding an extra 20 pound weight! Check out the amateur side of Bella working on.

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Ellen Cosmid.net

Cosmid.net is starting the new year with some great busty new talent. Normally, their talent pool is located in the U.S., but this time, they couldn’t resist this Prague native Ellen. She’s 20 years old and has a face like a doll AND she has all natural 34E cup boobs. Take a look at Ellen stripping down from her bra to show off her beautiful, round breasts. Enjoy!

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Brooke Cosmid.net

Cosmid.net is dong a suburb job recruiting busty amateurs girls on their site. For a site that has absolutely no pornstars, they are certainly in the lead with the most big boob “discoveries” this year. A cute girl that just appeared on the site is 21 year old Brooke. Brooke was found working in a coffee shop in Ohio and it took 2 years until she finally decided to show off her 34E cups to the world! It was certainly worth the wait. Take a look.

busty cosmid 34e boobs 34e boobs
cosmid.net pics 34e boobs brooke

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Shione Cosmid.net

I first came across Shione a few months ago and was excited to see some new busty teen blood. Her 34DDD natural tits, sure are a pleasure to view. Well, Cosmid.net, my proclaimed, amateur busty site of the year, recently shot this girl for their site. What was once a strictly American girls site, has now branched off internationally with Shione. The site now is just loaded with busty girls, the owner/photographer really knows what guys love – big boobs!

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Ashli Cosmid

There’s a whole lot going over at Cosmid.net in the big boobs department, they definitely get my newcomer big boob site of the year award. I don’t think anyone is going to touch them this year. Cosmid really came out of nowhere, with real amateur girls, then slowly started getting more and more busty girls, until where it is now – over 60% of these amateurs are just stacked. For example, Ashli below, she’s new to the site and as you can see, she’s quite busty. When she takes off her tank top, she’s got quite a big bra holding up her boobs, and when she takes that off, yowser….She’s definitely got a handful. Take a look at this busty amateur below.



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Elizabeth Cosmid is Topless

Cosmid.net is getting more and more busty, first timer, amateurs on the site each week. It’s quite amazing that so many sites recycle the same big boob girls, but a smaller site like Cosmid is able to find exclusive busty girls to shoot on a constant basis now? I guess they just try that much harder. One of the girls that I’ve fallen in love with is Elizabeth, you’ve seen my posts about her a few times on this site now, but always, covered up, but a little more revealing each time. Well, as you can see for yourself, she is now officially topless! Man, these girls really make you work for it lol. It’s like we’re dating. Well, we finally got to 1st base and Elizabeth is showing her 36E cups in the flesh. Without further adu, here’s Elizabeth from Cosmid topless.

Elizabeth Cosmid.net

Elizabeth Cosmid.net

Check out these busty American amateurs doing this for the 1st time

Elizabeth From Cosmid.net

My hats off to Cosmid.net for really staying on top of their site and updating the site so heavily. They don’t claim to be a big tits site, but they’ve certainly got their share of busty amateurs and it looks like the owner/photographer really has a thing for busty girls. However, it wouldn’t surprise me to see this site turn into a busty site before long. Lately, they’ve been updating the site 3-4 times a week and it seems that every week they’ve got a new busty model too. But there’s one model that I keep going back to, one that I really like to look at, and that’s Elizabeth. In her first sets her shirt didn’t even come off, just some wet shirt action. It seems that she’s getting more comfortable showing her 36E’s and it looks like the hands are coming away from them, at least that’s my prediction. Take a look at this American busty amateur.

Elizabeth Cosmid.net

Elizabeth Cosmid.net

Take a look at these American amateurs from Cosmid.net