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Danni Ashe Riding Lorna Morgan

I was able to dig up this classic video of two big boob legends, Danni Ashe and Lorna Morgan, in one incredibly hot movie from the archives at Danni.com. What’s incredible about this one, is that Lorna looks incredibly young, in her late teens or early 20’s. Also, Lorna rarely, if ever, did any scenes with other women (never any guys), and in this one, she’s having a lot of fun with Danni. Danni, as you may know, just loved other big tit women as well and she always was into some lesbo actoin with the hottest, busty babes. In this scene, Danni takes the lead and gets behind Lorna for some simulated sex and rides her good. This is just about the closest we’ll ever see to Lorna fucking, getting her hair pulled, and watching her huge G cups rocking back and forth!

Watch this full length movie here at Danni.com!

So Long Erica Campbell

Last week Erica Campbell released some shocking news on her site, she had found God and was giving up the adult industry all together. Although Erica never shot hardcore, she was known for her solo work and a few girl-girl shoots with her girlfriends Aira Giovanni, Jelena Jelson and some hot babes. Erica even made it to Playboy and was a Penthouse Pet of the Month in April of 2007.

I’ll miss seeing any new pics and vids of this beautiful SoCal girl and I’ll definitely miss her 34D’s. Luckily, there’s still quite a few sites out there with her stuff, but I’m sure it will slowly dwindle down over time. In any case, Erica, I wish you the best!

erica campbell retires finds god

See you can see pics & videos of Erica at Danni.com

Erica Campbell and Jelena Jensen

Erica Campbell’s 34D tits and Jelena Jensen’s 36Ds are a nice match together. Both SoCal cuties are centerfolds, having been Penthouse and Playboy respectively. Now, Danni.com has their way (well, not entirely) with them, and turned out some remarkable, very classy pictures and movies of these two girls solo and together. Check out this gallery for just a sneak and what you can see.

Absolutely beautiful women all at Danni.com – Check it out!

Erica Campbell & Danni Ashe

What’s this? Erica Campbell & Danni Ashe together? You got it! Erica gives Danni an awesome lap dance in this video from Danni.com. Erica’s tits at 34D are no match for Danni’s 32FF’s. While Erica plays with Danni’s breasts, Danni is soaking it all in rubbing her hands all over Erica. This is a big tit match in heaven.

See the full length movie of Erica giving Danni a seductive lapdance only at Danni.com!

Danni Ashe


I wonder how it must feel to have one of the very first porn sites on the internet. If you think about how much traffic adult sites get and how popular they are, it’s a pretty big impact. I mean it’s not rocket science and no one is getting any medals for it, but it’s pretty cool if nothing more. Danni Ashe from Danni.com, started in 95′, and hitting the 10 year benchmark, her site is still going strong with some of the hottest women in adult. I regret not ever seeing Danni do any harcore, but I’ll settle for watching her play with the girls (with an especially hot segment with Aria Giovanni). Come on Danni, do a little boy girl hardcore for us fans?

Aria Giovanni

aria giovanni at danni.com

Ever since I saw Aria Giovanni from a now defunct big boobs site, she’s always been on my boner mind. There’s just that something about her, a real beauty, but it’s her God forsaken big tits that I think has all of us fans going nuts over her. I will say as well, and not as a put down, Aria appears to be getting a little bigger in the caboose as she has been in the past and I love it. I’m all for the big ass Aria, keep doing what you’re doing.

Aria Giovanni Pic Gallery

Lexxi Tyler

Sexy Lexxi Tyler is one hot busty babe. I came across her last week and have been literally starring at her all week, yes I haven’t slept in a week! Seriously though, she is smokin’ hot. This former Utah cheerleader started modeling in the adult softcore world, at places like Danni.com and Vivid, but has recently had Playboy and Maxim knocking on her door as well. Check her out!

lexxi tylerdanni.comdanni.com lexxidanni.com lexxi tyler

See all of Lexxi Tyler’s sets at Danni.com!

Aria Giovanni

I saw Aria Giovanni for the first time about 5 years ago when she had posted for the not defunct site, Busty Amateurs.com. Even then I thought she was beautiful. I mean, this was really before there was a ton of porn on the net and I had really never seen tits that big, natural and perfect. Well, all these years later, she’s now a superstar posing with the biggest names around the world. It’s too bad we never got any hardcore from her other than a few videos involving her entire hand that she doesn’t like to talk about. Maybe someday she’ll give us the pleasure. Here’s a few pics of Aria taken from Danni.com, they have a ton of Aria material ranging from pics, webcam shows and lots of Aria movies as well. Hope you guys like this girl as much as I do! Check her out!

aria giovanniaria giovanni picsdanni.comaria giovanni danni.com

See more of Aria Giovanni at Danni.com!

Danni Ashe

Fact: Danni Ashe was first woman on the internet that I rubbed one out to. There’s a handful of people who had had porn sites in 95′ and Danni.com was one of them. What’s crazy is that a site started ten years ago is still going strong and better than ever today! There’s a few reasons her site is so special: One, you’ll never get tired of looking at Danni’s beautiful 32FF tits and two, there’s a ton of content on her site. She updates the site every single day with videos and pics of the hottest adult stars around! Just check out Danni is this set and you’ll see what I mean. She dresses up in this sexy business suit, then takes it off to show us her massive breasts. Just imagine a woman dressed up like that around an office. I don’t know about you, but I’d go nuts! Take a look!

danni.comdanni ashe big tits

Watch video of Danni Ashe showing her big tits!

Danni Ashe

Danni Ashe is old skool when it comes to internet porn. Her site, Danni.com, was one of the first porn sites on the net back in 1996. I remember hearing about her site from Howard Stern about 5-6 years ago while listening to the radio and immediately checked it out. I couldn’t believe the huge tits that she had! They’re size 32FF! I was in heaven. Not only does Danni.com have a ton of Danni Ashe pics and movies, she’s teamed up with just about every porn star imaginable to shoot with. It’s one of the hottest sites out there and definitely one for you big breast lovers.

Side note: For you Brandy Taylor fans, Brandy is doing a live strip Feb.15 @ 6PM PST exclusive to Danni.com!

danni ashedanni.comdanni ashe big tits

Check out more of Danni Ashe and her huge 32FF Tits!