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Busty College Girl Fucking In Her Dorm

School is officially back in session and that means that literally thousands of girls are away from home for the very first time in their lives and their horny and they want to fuck! That’s what I experienced when I was in college at least. All the girls that appeared the be the most repressed growing up, appeared to be the craziest girls and just wanted to fuck like crazy. Can’t blame them really. This busty girl Mary, from Dare Dorm, gets awoken by her boyfriend as he starts mesing with her, playing with her big tits and rubbing her pussy. Eventually she can’t resist and gives him a nice blowjob, then bounces all over his cock as her tits jiggle all over. How I wish I was in college again!

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Busty College Teens in Dorm Room

With the fall semester just around the corner, fresh girls are anticipating their first time away from home, getting ready to get slutty college experience. Should be a blast! Dorm room always have a lot of fun. Anytime you get 18-22 year old co-eds together, you’re going to have lots of drinking and lots of sex – guaranteed. Dare Dorm, has some amazing dorm room fuck videos from real college students submitting their stuff for cash. No longer are the days when you need to work fast food or those boring retail jobs. Just get your friends together and fuck on film!

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Busty College Dorm Parties

One of the latest parties recorded by college students for Dare Dorm features this big tit blonde that seems to get a lot of attention. The theme for this party was a black light extravaganza, and as you can see, someone got their paws in this busty college student right before the lights went off. Luckily, when the black lights came on, the guys were getting a lot more than their paws on this hottie. Once the alchohol had run out, and everyone was “feeling good,” the clothes started flying off and an all out orgy ensued. Watch these super hot college students lose all their inhibitions as they fuck their college dorm mates!

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Busty College Dorm Fuck

It’s true that busty girls get all the attention. These college students from Georgia shot this private sex video, and eventually sent it to Dare Dorm for some cash. One of the girls has a nice handful and both the girls and they guys couldn’t wait to get their hands on her. As soon as she removed her bra, one of her female friends immediately starting licking and sucking on her nipples. Once the guys saw how stacked she was, they were basically forming a line to get with her lol. One of the guys was determined to titty fuck her and she was happy to oblige. She laid on her back and squeezed those big tits around this college cock until he blew his load all over her. God, what I would do to be in college again lol.

Dare Dorm

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Wild Big Boob College Girls

Let’s face it, for most college students, college is about experimenting and being on your own for the first time. That basically means, it’s a fuck fest free for all. Dare Dorm has user submitted content of crazy college students fucking in their dorm rooms. In this latest submission, a group of students from an unidentified North Carolina college has a party in their room with a foam machine. Once these horny girls started getting drenched, they started removing all their clothes and the big tits come out and the real party begins. A handful of girls and a handful of guys turn into a college dorm room orgy. This dude was claiming dibs on the big tits girl and she was happy to give it up!

Dare Dorm

Dare Dorm

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Wild Big Boob College Girls

Last week I was visiting a college down that just went nuts during Halloween. So many college girls dressed in slutty outfits, I could have created my own girls gone wild series. It got me thinking about how many of those girls where going to go home afterwards to have some hot drunk sex. I bet that count was high lol. Dare Dorm is basically college girls, couples, threesomes that have recorded their sex adventures and submitted them to the site. They’ve got some really hot amateur girls, and a handful 😉 of really busty college girls too. If you love real college girls having sex, you’ll love this!

Dare Dorm

Dare Dorm

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Busty College Girls

College has just started and on the eve of Halloween, many college students are experiencing tonight one of their first, of many major parties. Dare Dorm is new site, that features college students taping themselves having sex in their dorm rooms. I particularly love this scene, with three busty college girls taking on this lucky guy. Once the drinks start flowing, the tops come off and it’s fair game! Take a look at these hot big boob girls!

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Dare Dorm

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