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Busty Girls Wrestling

Ultimate Surrender is a site featuring girl-girl wrestling. There’s no Championship belt or endorsements for the winner though. No, the winner gets the ultimate prize – the losers pussy! Before each match, both wrestlers agree to that the loser will submit to the winner. It’s usually a no holds barred strap on fuck fest after that. These two busty wrestlers, Yasime Loven (left) and Darling (right) both looked equally matched on paper, equal builds, Yasmine at 5’2″ and Darling 5’4″. It would seem to be even matched. However, once the time started, it was clear that Darling was too experienced for Yasmine, who found herself tied up multiple times. As Darling fondles Yasmine’s big tits throughout the match, it was apparent what was going to be in store for her when she eventually loses. Watch Darling take a strap-on to Yasmine and fuck her like crazy!

Watch these girls surrender their pussy after losing a wrestling match!

Big Boobs MMA Fighters

Last night, MMA beauty Gina Carano, unfortunately got her ass handed to her by Cris Cyborg. It was the most hyped up female MMA fight ever. I was really pulling for Carano, but damn, she was getting her face pounded at the end of the first round. It lead me to to think of Ultimate Surrender, a female wrestling fight, where the winner gets to fuck the loser in any way she wants. How cool would that be to see after the fight, Gina getting fishhooked doggy style and getting pounded with a strap on? Ok, it’s just a fantasy, but it really does happen at Ult Surrender. In this fight, Bella Rossi can’t keep her hands of Darling’s big tits, but manages to make her way through the fight grouping them for a win. In great fashion, Bella fucks Darling doggy and we get to watch Darling’s swingging utters go all over the place. Watch this great female fight, and hang in there Gina, you’ll get her next time!

Ultimate Surrender

Bella Rossi VS Darling

Check out these girls beating each other up into submission!