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GodsGirls Dors 36H

God’s Girls has one of the hottest, big boob discoveries so far this year – 36H cup, U.K, Dors. I wonder if Dors and Ariana Angel are friends? Both heavy in the alt/punk/emo scene in Europe. Well, over the past few months, Dors has become hugely popular and with so many comments on her myspace and twitter page, asking if she would ever have her own site, she indicated that she was doing some test shoots with a photographer to perhaps start her own site! Dors’ tits are just massive, you can tell they’re really heavy. Normally, I don’t care much for girls with short hair, but Dors looks amazing. For now, check out all her shoots at God’s Girls.

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Check out these busty punk girl Dors at GodsGirls.com

Gods Girls Dors

GodsGirls.com has been hiding this huge breasted alt/punk girl Dors on her site and she’s just about to explode! Not literally, although her tits are so big, they look like they’re going to. GG has been shooting this girl, but lately, other alt/emo/punk sites are trying to get a hold of her, and some mainstream big boob sites are offering to shoot scenes with her as well. Although, I don’t have her breast size, they’re quite large (if you couldn’t tell) and they’re totally natural. She’s on the bigger side, but she has some really nice, beautiful curves. I predict this alt porn model will be a big deal in the boob world soon.. As you can tell, I’ve pretty much fallen in love with Dors. I can’t wait to see more of her in the future.

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See more of this busty alt girl Dors at GodsGirls.com