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Halie James Busty Athletics

One of the pleasure of working out at a gym, aside from the physical, healthy aspect, is watching those busty babes jiggle around. Sorry, I can’t help it, it’ the truth and I’m sure that’s why you’re there too lol. I’ll tell you, the butterfly press, where you extend your arms all the way out, then bring them in, had to have been created by a big boobs lover. To watch a busty woman push out her tits, then bring them back in, squishing in their cleavage and calling it a workout – well, that’s enough to get me to sit across that machine all hour long. 3rd Movies recently updates the site with a dvd called Busty Athletics, featuring, of course, busty women working out, but also taking things a bit further as well. This big tit red babe, Halie James, enjoys a nice workout alone, but when her man sees her all sweaty and hot, he’s ready to take her right then and there. Halie is all game for some hot fucking, some booby bouncing and some after workout sex!

halie james busty athletics

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Halie James

Halie James is one of the latest busty babes to shoot for Bangbros. In fact, Halie just started shooting in general this year, and of course, she’s already hooked up with the best. In this short time period, she’s already changed her name three times lol, from Marisa Bella and Halie Havillan to Halie. Babe, just stick with one, it’s fine, really. One thing is for sure, this 21 year old definitely loves sex and loves to fuck. That works out great, because love watching her! Such cuteness!

Halie James

My Busty BFF

Amia Moretti has always been a bit jealous over Halie James’ big 32D cup tits. The two girls have been best friends for a long time, so they’re always comparing each other. Amia is really small and petite, with tiny tits. She sort of gets her boob fixation on Halie, always messing around and grabbing her boobs. One day they were just hanging out, wearing really skimpy shorts and just their bras and Amia went from being playful with Halie to getting really turned on by her. The two started kissing, and touching each other when all of a sudden Amia’s boyfriend came home. He was drunk, horny and wanted to fuck, so Amia was happy to relieve him. As soon as Amia’s bf saw Halie’s big tits, he wanted her too. She was getting so turned on watching Amia suck his cock, she joined in for a really hot threesome. Take a look at these cute girls getting fucked from the new site Teen BFF!

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