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Abella Anderson

If you like your latina’s curvy, you’ll love Abella Anderson. She’s a small framed girl, with big tits and a nice, curvy ass. Abella’s boyfriend comes home to find her half naked and horny, ready to play. She orders him to sit down on the bed, where she pulls out his big cock and goes to town on it. When she’s ready to fuck, she spreads her legs wide and her boyfriend just plows her. This girl is a total screamer, like the kind that you need double insulated walls or better yet, sound proof. You’d never get away with fucking her in a hotel without the entire floor hearing. Although she’s small, she’s got a set of lungs. I, quite frankly, love it when girls scream like this. It’s so passionate. And if you want to see a girl ride a cock, you’ll love the ass on Abella as she bounces all around. This girl has a killer body! Check out this cute latina giving her boyfriend a coming home present from I Know That Girl!

Abella Anderson

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I Know That Girl!

Have you ever gone to school or known someone and then found them on the internet – naked? I’ll admit, when I was in college, I worked a retail job with a girl who later I found doing porn lol. She only had a handful of movies, but it was interesting to say the least. I Know That Girl features real girls that maybe got a little too wild with their cameras and put the results on the internet lol. Quite a few busty girls that I know you guys will enjoy. Take a look!


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