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Camwithher’s Carmen

One of the absolute hottest cam girls on the scene right now is Carmen, from Camwithher/ICGirls. She is definitely the most popular cam right out there and anytime she’s online, she’s in a private session lol. Guys are literally lining up to get some time with her, and judging from some of her cam vids, it’s worth it. This latin girl is just smokin’ hot, she’s got an amazing body, and perfect tits. I mean really, it doesn’t get much hotter lol. Well, for all you Carmen fans, I’m announcing some great news. Due to the fact that she’s hugely popular and the fact she wants to “share” herself with as many as possible, she’s shooting at this very moment, content for her own solo site! I couldn’t believe it when I heard it, but she’s shooting movies and pics for her very own site that will be coming out shortly. All the details aren’t laid out yet, but believe me, as soon as they are, I am right on top of it. In the meantime, catch her doing her hot, sexy cam shows!

Carmen Camwithher

Carmen Camwithher

I’m Loving Gisele

My favorite discovery of this year has to be this hot babe Gisele. This sexy 23 year old is a camgirl at ICGirls, but these days she’s shooting and online at her own site, LoveGisele.com. I have a thing for blondes, then when you put in a beautiful face, a hot body and 36DD tits, you have my dream girl. This girl is just too fucking hot. So yeah, I like her lol. Check her site out and I know you’ll agree.

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Carmen Camwithher

This latin teen Carmen is one woman that is causing a stir on the net. She’s been a cam girl at Camwithher and ICGirls (same company, sister sites) and guys just go nuts when she’s on. She’s got one of the most incredible bodies I have ever seen. I mean, she’s just fit as can be, a nice round ass and perfectly shaped big tits. She’s always been a tease, and I guess when you’re this hot, you can get away with lol. I found this clip where Carmen shows off a little bit more through her see through top. She’s got some big areolas, that’s for sure. God, she’s so hot. Just hit play and you’ll see what I mean lol.

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Busty Leah Cam Show

Ok, I’m giving you guys plenty of warning for tomorrow night’s FREE camshow at Camwithher.com featuring LeahXoXo. The chat starts at 10pm EST on Thursday March, 12th. That’s tomorrow! (if you’re reading this today 😉 This 18 year old blond is smoking hot, with the big boobies and everything. You guys will love her!

I was checking out CWH’s sister site, ICGirls.com and I am just floored at how hot these girls are. I mean seriously, they have a ton of L.A. 10’s on the site. Simply amazing. I’m sure there’s several hotties you’ll fall in love with. I have lol. Get ready for tomorrow at 10pm EST!

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Love Gisele’s Big Rack

Love Gisele features this smoking hot blonde with big tits (34DD) and a great bod. Gisele is actually a really popular camgirl here and she’s such demand, she figured why not open a site so guys could see more and she delivers. Her site features her topless, high-res candid videos like Gisele working out, doing laundry, messing around on her bed, and you get what I think is the best part, access to her live cam shows, which are hot as hell. This is one beautiful woman, take a look.

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